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University Bookstore uses its veto power

Throughout history, there have been many great battles between worthy opponents. Beowulf vs. Grendel. Lee vs. Grant. Godzilla vs. Mothra. Lohan vs. Duff. People have trembled in fear in the face of such match-ups. Nations have crumbled. Mothers have wept. But never, never has the world seen anything like the showdown about to occur HERE, in Seattle, in ONE WEEK:

Honestly, I can't believe none of us saw this coming. It was only a matter of time. Here's the scoop. Laurell Hamilton, urban fantasy queen and author of the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series, was scheduled to sign here in Seattle on November 1 at my beloved indie University Bookstore. Plans were made. Crowds grew frenzied. the last minute...University Bookstore got news of another author coming to town that day.

Bill Clinton.

Holy crap. What's a bookstore to do? Two dates for the dance! Bill could hardly be refused, so U Bookstore did what they had to when a former president says he wants to sign at your store. LKH got bumped off-site. 'Off-site' is actually Kane Hall, which is only a short jaunt from the bookstore proper. But still.

This also created a moral dilemma for me. Well, maybe not moral, but certainly a dilemma. I'd planned on seeing Ms. Hamilton. After all, she is a fixture in my genre, and U Bookstore authors can frequently be coaxed out to get drinks with the staff and us lucky local authors. But well...this is Bill we're talking about. Bill Clinton. My all-time favorite president and politician ever. The guy I'd happily campaign for to be dictator.

Yeah. I'm going to have to go see Bill.

I stand by this decision, no matter what my author friends might say. Post-signing drinks may still occur, and I'm sure I'll get to meet LKH at a con one day. I'll send Caitlin to get my book signed. Besides, if my anticipated rumble happens, I'll get to see both Bill and Laurell squaring off on University Avenue a la Westside Story. Of course, I have absolutely no idea why these two would be enemies or want to fight, but admit it: it would be a pretty awesome spectacle. And LKH allegedly has her own secret service equivalent, so the hijinks potential is pretty high. Stay tuned.
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