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Anniversary Excerpt #2!

Who'd like another peek at one of the bonus stories from the VA Anniversary edition that's coming out on November 29? Here are a few random entries I pulled out of "From the Journal of Vasilisa Dragomir." If you are one of the few people who haven't read Vampire Academy, I'm warning you now there are SPOILER references to book #1.

January 11
It’s starting to happen more often. Rose tries to hide it from me, but it’s becoming too much, even for her. After school yesterday, I found some old pictures of Andre and me. They broke me. I spent most of the night crying. Hating life. Hating that I’d survived. At breakfast the next day, Rose rushed right over and hugged me. “It’s going to be okay,” she said. “You survived for a reason.” I broke away and demanded to know how she knew what I’d been thinking last night. She claimed she could see it in my face, how sad I was…but I could tell she was lying. She’s in my head somehow. More and more each day. And neither of us likes it.

March 31
We’re starting to believe we might have really pulled off this escape. But we have a new problem: blood. It’s why I’m always so wiped out. I’ve never gone this long without blood, and I’m even starting to dream about it.

May 14
Our housemates have been trying to get us amped up for football, even though it doesn’t start until the fall. I guess it’s kind of a big deal here. I don’t get it, but Rose is hooked. I think she’s in withdrawal from all the punching and hitting of guardian training. One of the guys in the house is so obsessed that he records past games and analyzes them. Rose has started watching with him, and sometimes I’ll hear her yelling at the TV: “What are you doing? He threw it right to you!” I’m glad we’re both starting to find our way here. I think this life is going to be good for us.

August 6
I’ve been practicing the elements in my free time. I keep hoping that Ms. Carmack was right and that it was just the stress of the accident delaying me. But nothing’s changed. I have limited control of all four but nothing extraordinary. When I told Rose that, she said that I was extra, extra extraordinary and that my magic was too lame to even try to catch up.

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