Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Anniversary Excerpt!

Good times today! Here's an exceprt from "The Turn and the Flame," one of the bonus stories included in the Vampire Academy anniversary edition. (See previous post if this is news to you). This story is a prequel about what happened to Christian's parents:

“Natasha, I like you,” Tatiana said, in a tone that expressed exactly the opposite. “And I liked your parents very much. I’d like to see you do well here tonight. I’d like to see you do well in general. As queen, my love extends to all the royal families, not just the Ivashkovs. When my people are happy, I’m happy. Therefore, I’m going to give you some advice that will make both of us happier.”

Tasha, petrified, gave a jerky nod.

Tatiana leaned closer. “You’re only here to look pretty, dear. Not to give your opinions. See that you remember that.”


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