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The Vampire Academy 10th Anniversary Edition

Vampire Acadmey turns ten in 2017, and to celebrate, a special anniversary edition is coming out on November 29, 2016. It's the same VA #1 you love, plus it has A BUNCH of new stories and prequel stuff included at the end. Oh, and it has a snazzy new cover. Here's a rundown of some common questions I'm getting about it:
1. This is NOT a VA spin-off series, VA #7, or anything like that. (Oh, the rumors I've seen! :) )

2. The bonus stuff is LONG. 50% as long as the original book. VA 1 = 79k words. Adding on the bonus stories gives us a 114k book. That's a little longer than Shadow Kiss. Here's what the bonus stories are about.

3. Softcover.

4. Comes out November 29 in the US and English speaking countries.

5. I've got no control over what other countries it'll come out in (sorry!). That is controlled by whoever first translated and published VA #1 in your country. Contact them and express your interest!

6. I haven't heard about ebooks or audiobooks yet but will tell you ASAP when I do! I'd be surprised if there wasn't an e version coming.

7. The stories are meant to go along with book #1, so they're prequels, expanded scenes, etc. No Sydrian stuff, no post-TRC stuff. They aren't available separately either.

8. I don't know if there'll be anniversary editions of #2, #3. Publishing's a business, so it'll depend on interest and sales! My publisher didn't continue the graphic novels or signature editions because the sales weren't there. I will happily expand the other books if this continues. Looking forward to making #3 more agonizing!

9. The anniversary edition is up for pre-order on major book retailers, like Amazon and BN, and will be available at your favorite indies, big box stores (Target, etc.), and more. Wherever you order/buy, make sure you're getting the cover shown above with the pink rose, or you may end up with an old version.

10. If you'd like to pre-order an autographed copy of the anniversary edition or any of my other books, you may do it here via University Book Store. Specify in the comments who'd you like it made out to when you order through their site. Here are answers to other common questions about ordering from them:
A. Domestic (US) shipping is free if you order $20 or more worth of stuff. They ship internationally (for a charge)--look for "foreign" in the state drop-down menu.
    B. They carry all my stuff that's currently out. So if you want to grab another signed book for yourself or one for your friend, etc., search for it and add it to your cart.
    C. The VA anniversary edition isn't out until 11/29. That's the day they'll ship it, so you can't get it before.
    D. U Books is a local indie store that's been nice enough to help me work out this system to get signed books out to people I never get to see. They didn't do this kind of volume before, and they've been amazing at working out a system to meet the demand. But remember, they're small (but very personable!) compared to a gargantuan powerhouse like Amazon. Humans are running this, not robots.
    E. If there's anything else that's not clear, please get in touch with the store directly. Their mail order department is super nice. This is the extent of my knowledge about selling and shipping :) will help you with the rest. Seriously. They answer all sorts of questions.
    F. And as always, if you're not interested in autographs, just buy the book from one of the many other options out there!
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