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So much going on...I...I can't even...

If you follow me on social media, you know we quickly went from a sleepy summer to a WTF fall. In a really, really good way. But suddenly, there's so much happening that people are getting lost, so I'm going to try to break things down as simply as I can but still give you all the info you need to keep up. Let's dive into all the questions I've been getting:

1. What is your next book?
It's called Soundless. It comes out November 10 (that's less than 2 weeks away!). It's a standalone--so it is NOT part of any series. The first 30 pages are here, and this is its sweet cover:

2. What is Soundless about?
It takes place in a fantasy world inspired by ancient Chinese myth. The heroine, Fei, lives in a remote mountain village where no one has ever been able to hear. One morning, she wakes up with her hearing mysteriously restored and must risk becoming an outcast to save her people from a dark threat. Oh, and she has to do it with her ex. I mean, did you think I'd make it easy for her? It's like you don't know me at all.

3. Are you going on tour for Soundless?
Yes. I will be signing in Seattle, WA; Raleigh, NC; Fairhope, AL; Charleston, SC; Coral Gables, FL; and Santa Monica, CA. Stores, times, and signing policies are here.

4. What's after Soundless?
In April 2016, I have a brand new series coming. It has nothing to do with Soundless or Vampire Academy or anything else I've done. It's called The Glittering Court, and you'll go crazy when you read it. The description is here, and this is its sweet cover:

5. What's the big Soundless pre-order deal that involves The Glittering Court?
If you pre-order Soundless from a select independent bookstore, you will get a limited edition copy of Soundless that's autographed by me and has a fancy translucent cover wrap over it. You'll also get a special sampler that includes the FIRST ELEVEN CHAPTERS of The Glittering Court. The whole deal looks like this:

6. Which stores are doing this? What if none of them are in my city or even in my country?
This deal is ONLY available through the independent bookstores listed in this link. If there's no indie store in your town, it's okay. Most of them let you order online or over the phone, and then they'll ship it to you when it's available. Many of them will ship internationally, but you'll have to contact individual stores for cost and policy.

7. Can I get this deal if I pre-order Soundless from Amazon or Barnes and Noble?
No. You'll get a standard copy of Soundless, which is still cool, but it won't have the fancy cover wrap, autograph, or The Glittering Court chapters. By the way--that is my actual autograph in all those limited edition ones. I signed 10,000 copies this summer.

8. I'm going to one of your November book signings! Sweet! It's at a store that's offering the special Soundless pre-order. What should I do?
Pre-order it to make sure they don't run out. Then still come see me the night I sign, and I'll personalize the copy to you. Right now, they just have my signature, but I'll write something like, "To [your name], thanks for being awesome!"

9. Have you forgotten about Age of X #3?
Nope. It's still in the works. And it's pretty cool. But I have to answer to a larger publishing schedule that dictates when and what I write. If it makes you feel better, I think there's going to be a #4. But that probably didn't make you feel better.

10. Why aren't you writing more Vampire Academy stuff?
I can't speak for all authors, but I write because I have more ideas than I can keep inside me. I want to write them all. They keep me up at night. If I'd only ever written the first story idea I ever had, I never would have written VA--or, actually, any of my books that are out. I love the VA gang, and I love that you guys love them too, but I don't plan on writing only VA books for the next sixty years. I would definitely love to revisit those crazy kids one day, but right now, I've got to get some of these other ideas on paper. Trust me: when you start reading TGC next year, you'll be hooked into another series. And who knows? Maybe I haven't even written your favorite book yet. <3
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