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Halloween Treat - With Silver Shadows Spoilers (But They're Awesome)!

First up, I want to remind Seattle peeps that I'm signing in Bellevue, TOMORROW, November 1, and reading a sneak peek of The Ruby Circle! Details are here, so please come if you can!

Now, as a Halloween treat, I want to address some things from Silver Shadows that readers have been wanting to know about. It involves giving away some MAJOR things from SS, so if you haven't read that book, I'd really advise you against reading the rest of this post. In fact, I'll create a cut here to further hide some of those things.

Okay, here we go. What are we going to talk about? The wedding. You know the one I mean--that crazy, romantic, over the top one that Adrian throws together on short notice. People have been asking me some questions about it, so I'm going to answer those now!

1. Is the Las Vegas hotel where Sydney and Adrian get married real?
The Firenze, where they have their wedding, is NOT real, alas. It's based on a real place, however: the Venetian. I would have loved to use a real hotel, either so fans could tour it or host their own whirlwind wedding there, but I decided on a fictitious hotel at the last minute. This is because there's some bribery going on with the hotel's staff, and call me old-fashioned, but I didn't want to make any negative insinuations against the Venetian's employees! Had I actually used the Venetian, there would have been a strong temptation also to have Sydney and Adrian do one of their gondola weddings and have a high-speed(?) water chase from the Alchemists. That would've been either awesome or ridiculous, but I guess we'll never know. In the meantime, you can still go to one of the Venetian's real chapels and get a good idea of what Sydney and Adrian's wedding looks like.

When Sydney throws the Alchemists into the Bellagio fountains? Those are real. But I wouldn't recommended imitating her on that count.

2. What does Adrian's wedding band look like?
Very much like the top ring in this set designed by Green Lake Jewelry in Seattle. It is, ahem, a ruby circle.

GLJ does awesome work and inspire a lot of jewelry in my books!

3. What does Sydney's engagement ring look like?
A lot like this, except that her center stone is more square/rectangular. Remember, the stones were taken from Adrian's cuff links.

4. And lastly, what does Sydney's wedding dress look like?
So glad you asked! I actually picked this out before I wrote the book, and so when I went to write the scene, I kept having to flip back and forth between the image and my manuscript in the hopes of getting the details right. I don't know if this dress is still available, but the designer is Demetrios.

Makes her mad dash that much more impressive, eh?

Happy Halloween!
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