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Silver Shadows Touring So Far!

Silver Shadows is here! And in case you haven't been out on social media, people are freaking out about it--in a good way. If you haven't picked up your copy, make sure you do soon. Big, big things are coming!

I've had a really great time this week talking to fans about the book. On Tuesday, I kicked off SS's release at University Book Store in Seattle, sharing all sorts of stories:


As you can see, there were "a few" people there:


I signed for a little over two hours, but it was so much fun. I got to see familiar faces and new ones and am so thrilled for everyone that came out:


Last night, I had my first ever "virtual event." I Skyped with fans at Schuler's Books in Lansing, MI while I sat at home in my office talking on my pink laptop:


Meanwhile, here's what fans in Lansing got to see:


It was awesome! The store said it was their biggest turnout for a Skype event yet, but the number was still small enough that everyone who wanted to got to ask questions. We got to cover a lot of popular fan topics!


Even more exciting, some fans came in character, which I always love. It's hard to see, but the girl in gray has a golden lily tattoo. What's easy to see is that they're all proudly showing the signed copies of Silver Shadows they bought and free DVDs they won! Thank you so much to all who came out to talk to me!

If you live in Miami or Chicago, I'll be Skyping with you guys back to back tonight, July 31. Check here for times. (Rumor has it Anderson's in Chicago will have pizza!). It'll be the same set up, with us face to face on the big screen, you asking questions, and signed books for sale! Plus, each store is giving away 100 DVDs.

And if you live in Portland, I'll be signing this Saturday at the downtown Powell's (different from where I usually sign in Cedar Hills), so come see me there if you're in town. Looking forward to talking to more people!
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