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Post-Holiday Shopping Guide

The new year is almost upon us, and if you have some belated gifts to give people or just need something for yourself, then I have good news. There is A TON of Vampire Academy stuff about to come out as we get closer to the movie, and I wanted to give you a heads-up on what to look out for. In the US and probably Canada, all of this comes out December 31. For the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, it's a mix. Some comes out 12/31, and some comes out later in January. Check with your local stores. As for non-English speaking countries, I'm afraid (as usual) I don't know specific dates. International publishers don't always inform me of them, and not all countries will get these anyway. But here's what I do know about what's coming:

1. Shadow Kiss Graphic Novel

At last!


Just in case reading this book the first time wasn't hard enough, now you can relive all the agony and ecstasy in beautiful, full-color pages!

ADDENDUM: Check out my latest post, featuring highlights from this graphic novel!


Seriously, this thing is gorgeous, and I plan on doing a post solely about it to show you some of my favorite images. You won't be disappointed. I can read the original novel without shedding a tear (I know, heartless), but this gives me chills.

2. Vampire Academy Book #1, Movie Tie-In Edition


Book 1 of the VA series will be released with this cover and also includes a small fold-out poster inside. This is the only book in the original VA series being released with a movie cover. You'll also still be able to find the first book without this cover, though it's probably going to be one of the redesigns.

3. Vampire Academy Six-Book Boxed Set

This is it, the big one people have been asking about for years. At long last, you can get all six books of the VA series in one handy box. This side shot shows which covers they are: the movie tie-in for book #1 and then redesigns for the other five:


The back of the box features one of my very favorite shots that the movie cast did in a photo shoot this fall:


Note: this boxed set contains paperback copies of the books. There have been erroneous rumors going around that they're hardcover. They aren't.

4. Vampire Academy Ultimate Guide Movie Tie-In

Book #1 isn't the only thing to get a makeover. The Ultimate Guide got one too--inside and out.


Along with this new cover, the guide now also has a full-color inset of pictures of both movie stills and behind-the-scenes shots. Here's one I sloppily scanned in that I love: the filming of a scene where Christian catches Lissa by surprise.


5. Vampire Academy: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion by Brandon T. Snider

Want even MORE behind scenes information about the movie? Well, here's your one-stop source.


Along with a whole mess of pictures, this guide also includes all sorts of stories, bios, and other goodies about what's been happening on the road to production. I actually don't have my own copy yet, but there are a number of resourceful fan sites out there who've posted some shots if you want a taste of what's to come!

If you're ordering these online, it's going to be pretty easy to find the 6-book boxed set, the Shadow Kiss graphic novel, and Vampire Academy: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion, simply based on their names. Because there are older versions out there of Vampire Academy Book #1 and the Ultimate Guide, confusion might set in if you want (or don't want) a movie tie-in version of one of those. Hopefully, the place you're ordering from will show you the covers or say "movie tie-in". If not, these ISBNs will tell you which is which:
-Vampire Academy, Book #1
--Movie Tie-In ISBN #: 978-1595143600
--Non-movie Paperback ISBN #: 978-1595141743 (Note: you won't get a movie cover, but you may get an old or new design depending on who you're buying from)
-Vampire Academy Ultimate Guide
--Movie Tie-In ISBN #: 978-1595147578
--Original Version ISBN #: 978-1595144515

My local University Book Store is once again offering autographed versions of these, but here's the thing. I'm pregnant. Very pregnant. Currently, we are saying that if you place an order for any of these (or my other books) by Thursday, January 2, 2014, I will personalize them for you like you usual, and the store will ship them out within the next week. HOWEVER, if say, I go into labor tomorrow...well, then, I'm probably not going to be signing any orders for them this week. Hopefully my baby will stick to his due date and wait a couple more weeks, but just be advised that any signed orders you make through University Books might be delayed for reasons none of us can control. I don't say that to scare you off--just to keep you up to date! If I do have my baby this week, I probably won't be able to sign anything for the store until the end of January. If you do want to order an autographed copy from them, the information is here, and yes, they ship internationally. Here are quick links in their catalog to all the new stuff:
Vampire Academy #1 Movie Tie-In Edition
VA 6 Book Boxed Set (If you order this from them, specify if you want the box signed too. Usually I just sign the books).
Shadow Kiss Graphic novel
VA Ultimate Guide Movie Tie-In Edition
Vampire Academy: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion.

If you want to order autographed copies of any of my othor titles, you can! Just look them up in University Book Store's regular catalog, which is linked on my ordering page. And if you have any ordering/sales question, please contact the bookstore, not me. You can email or call (206) 634-3400 and ask for Mail Order.

If autographs don't matter, or you're worried my baby will delay your books, then definitely feel free to buy these new titles (or my old titles) through any of your favorite bookstores. The big online mail order ones (Amazon and B&N) have them, and any of your local bookstores will either carry them or easily be able to order them in a very short time period. These are also going to be showing up in big super stores (like Wal-Mart), so there may be no escaping them!

Friends in other English speaking countries: your big bookstores should be able to hook you up, so check with Indigo, Waterstones, and Dymocks or whatever other place you like to buy books.
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