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Top Ten Things You May Not Know

Some of you are going to read this, and say, "Richelle, I know all those things!" But I guarantee, there are many who don't know some of these things...because I'm asked about them on a daily basis in email and social media. So, here's a rundown of some major things in the world of Richelle Mead that have slipped through the cracks for some people. Hope it helps!

1. There is a spin-off series to Vampire Academy called Bloodlines
Bloodlines has been out for almost two years, and I still get messages saying, "There are so many questions at the end of Last Sacrifice! How could you end the series? What happens to Sydney, Adrian, Jill, and Eddie?" Yup, there are questions I left on purpose in LS to set up Bloodlines. The Bloodlines series not only follows those four characters but also keeps us in the loop with Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, and Christian--whose roles are getting bigger as the series continues. The events happening in this series are pivotal if I ever do continue the VA series. Future plots are being set up right before your eyes! Book #4, The Fiery Heart, comes out in November, and you guys, it is SMOKIN' HOT. People who've read The Indigo Spell know I'm not messing around. So catch up on your Adrian action now! Series stats and excerpts are here.

2. There is a short story about Rose and Dimitri after Last Sacrifice
I'm often asked to write about Rose and Dimitri visiting Russia after LS ends. Surprise! It's already out there, in a short story called "Homecoming." You can find this story in an anthology called Foretold, which features other tales by some great authors. And to find out more about Rose and Dimitri after LS, see above and read Bloodlines.

frostbitegnsmall3. There are graphic novels of the VA series
Two, in fact. One for Vampire Academy and one for Frostbite. They're adapted by Leigh Dragoon and drawn by fab artist Emma Vieceli. Shadow Kiss will be out early next year, and future ones will depend on the success of these. So stock up, and tell your friends! You can find them on Amazon and and other big booksellers or order them signed here.

4. There's going to be a Vampire Academy movie
I thought everyone knew by now, but I still get questions on this too. Vampire Academy has just wrapped filming and will be released in the US on February 14, 2014. Other release dates are unknown since those are handled by each individual country's distributors. The VA movie has an amazing cast, is directed by Mark Waters of Mean Girls fame, and is written by Daniel Waters (who penned Heathers). The first trailer will be out this month, and whether or not the other books become movies will depend on this one's success.

VAposter5. You can order signed copies of my books pretty easily
If I'm not having a signing near you (which is likely, since pregnancy will keep me in the Pacific Northwest for the next year or so), fear not! You can order signed books from a local store of mine. They carry all of my current titles (including the graphic novels and Foretold mentioned above) and are even doing pre-orders for The Fiery Heart. There is no extra charge. You just have to pay shipping, and they'll ship internationally. PLEASE don't let someone online take advantage of you and sell you a signed copy of one of my books for some outrageous cost when you can get them at University Books for cover price. Instructions and the store's contact info are here.

6. I have a website
A lot of people don't know this! They go to Facebook and Twitter, wanting release dates and tour schedules, but it's already posted in one handy spot at:

7. I have a mailing list that will tell you when I'm coming to see you
People are sad (so am I) when they find out I just had a book signing in their city the previous week. Don't miss out on this stuff! I only send messages to my mailing list (4-5 times a year) to announce signings and new releases. No one else can post but me, and this way, you'll get notified if I'm signing near you. Join it here. If you want to chat about the books, there's a Yahoo group where lots of people talk.

gameboard1208. I have adult, not Vampire Academy and Bloodlines
These books have more intense language and sex than my YA stuff, and you can learn about them and read excerpts here. They all have paranormal/fantasy elements and have varying degrees of the humor and romance I love to write about.

9. There's an app for me
Yup, if you're an Apple user, search for the World of Richelle Mead app. There's lots of free content, with book and character descriptions, and if you order a book through the app, you'll get an annotated copy with notes from me. Sorry--previous purchases outside the app won't work that way.

10. There's a scene out there written from Dimitri's POV
For helping Dimitri win a recent competition, I rewrote a short scene from the first VA book in Dimitri's point of view. You can read it here. Alas, despite all the requests, I'm afraid there will be no books or series written from his POV. This is as close as we get to his mysterious mind!
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