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Movie prop: St. Vladimir's Library Policy

Well, I know you guys are still desperately wanting cast pictures, but those still haven't gotten an official release. But, as promised, I am able to show a few other things this week, like my pic with director Mark Waters from Sunday. And today we have...a prop!

You're probably like, wait, what is this? Here's the story behind it. When I visited London, they were filming on location at a local university in order to do shots inside St. Vladimir's. As I was hanging out, I noticed all sorts of signs. Signs like this one about library policy. Signs directing me to other departments. Signs for staff offices. And I was thinking, "Yeah, yeah, of course there are signs, this is a university." Then I noticed something. This isn't one of the university's signs. It was a St. Vladimir's sign--made for the set! I don't even know if you'll be able to see these in the actual film. They're small, and there's so much action and drama in the school halls that it's probably hard to even notice these in the background. Nonetheless, the set department is so dedicated and keeping track of even the smallest details that they do stuff like this! I was blown away at that dedication. They don't overlook anything!
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