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Book Expo 2013

I've spent the last couple of days in New York City, checking out Book Expo America, which is a ginormous annual tradeshow all about books and the people who work with them. I got to do a lot of promo for Gameboard of the Gods and The Fiery Heart, as well as hang out with all the amazing people at Penguin who work so hard for my novels. I haven't been in NYC in two years, and it's a good reminder to me of just how much goes into getting these stories out to the world. I write them, you read them. In between us are a whole group of extremely hardworking and talented people who edit, design covers, put out ads, convince bookstores to carry my books, and so much more. It's overwhelming and humbling to be in the midst of what they do, and I'm super grateful to be part of such an amazing team.

So here's what I did in New York.

Thursday night, after a JFK-to-Manhattan drive that felt as long as my flight from Seattle, I arrived in the Big Apple and got to do an event at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square with (from left to right) Sarah Dessen, Marie Lu, Andrea Cremer, and Rick Yancey. The fabulous Breia Bissey from EW (not pictured) moderated.

A few hundred of our closest friends turned out to join us.

We answered questions and tried to be entertaining (hope we were successful!), and then we signed some books.

The next morning saw me up bright and early to go sign early copies of Gameboard of the Gods for lucky BEAers! If you weren't there, don't worry. The info on how to order an autographed one for yourself is here. Gameboard got lots of great coverage at BEA, including this full page ad in PW Show Daily, which was also made into a giant banner hanging outside the Javits Center on 37th St. See me on the right there?

I also got to participate in a bloggers lunch with the absolutely amazing Melissa de la Cruz (right), author of Blue Bloods and the upcoming novel Frozen. We hung out with a bunch of bloggers in this stark subterranean room and talked about writing stuff while the bloggers enjoyed some delicious lunches. Anna Jarzab, author of the forthcoming Tandem, was our moderator. Check out how Melissa and I subconsciously matched our outfits!

BEA is full of all sorts of entertaining things. Like the Penguin truck...

...and this pirate guy. I walked past him, and he was like, "Are you ready to take a picture with me?" And I was like, "Um, why are we still talking? Let's do this." I never turn down a pirate photo-op.

Remember when I mentioned how awesome Penguin is? Check out this Fiery Heart poster at their booth! It even has a movie shout-out.

The day wrapped up with the Penguin Young Readers party, where I got to hang out with all sorts of cool people, including my agent Jim McCarthy. Jim is partially responsible for me not having had a nervous breakdown in my career yet. The other credit goes to my husband and chocolate.

That glow you see illuminating us comes from standing in front of a window overlooking the river. We were at the top of the Standard building. Good times.

All in all, a very successful and very wonderful trip! Thank you so much to everyone who came to see me. I had an amazing time talking to you all and look forward to doing it again! Meanwhile, if you're on the other coast, I'll be signing in Seattle and California this coming week, so check my schedule and stop by if you can!
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