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Signed copies of Gameboard of the Gods

Guess what? Gameboard of the Gods comes out one week from today! Are you excited? I am!

As you know, I recently did some charity auctions on eBay for early signed copies of Gameboard. Those have all ended, and thank you so much to those generous people who bought them for good causes. As of this post, I have no more auctions up, but you can absolutely still get signed copies of Gameboard! My local bookstore in Seattle, University Books, is selling autographed copies of Gameboard, just like with all my new releases. Place your order by June 2, I'll come in and sign your book to you, and they'll ship it out on release day June 4. And yes, they ship internationally!

Most importantly, there's no extra charge for this. I say this because Book Expo is this weekend, where I will be signing copies of Gameboard for attendees, and I'm sure some of them will try to sell their copies on eBay. That's totally their right, but I don't want you thinking you have to buy one of those if you want a signed copy, especially since those copies may be marked up in price. University Books will sell you a new one at cover price, and the autograph can even be made out to you personally. Just a heads up! (University Books also sells all my other titles signed if you want any of those too).

And if you happen to live in Seattle, Los Angeles, or San Diego, you can come see me and get a copy signed in person! You can also see me in New York later this week at the Union Square Barnes and Noble, though Gameboard won't be on sale yet. All the details for my signing schedule are here.

Finally, if you're still wondering what Gameboard of the Gods is all about, here are some handy links to help you out:

Gameboard of the Gods Description
Gameboard of the Gods History and Background
Gameboard of the Gods Character Posts 1, 2, and 3
Gameboard of the Gods Glossary
Gameboard of the Gods Excerpt 1
Gameboard of the Gods Excerpt 2
Gameboard of the Gods Excerpt 3
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