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Twitter Chat Transcript

If you missed the Twitter chat on May 23, no fears! The good folks at Penguin Books made us a transcript. I knocked over a hundred questions in 50 minutes and managed not to get thrown in Twitter jail. Better luck next time, I guess.

Twitter Chat Transcript from May 23

@va_rosemarie and @VAFanPage asks:
Are you happy with the cast? Do they fit your vision for #VAMovie?
Richelle: @va_rosemarie They're awesome. I love them. #AskMead
Richelle: @VAFanPage The cast is awesome. Director and casting agency did an amazing job with each and every person.

‏@WiilmaP asks:
Which character in VA and BL would you like to befriend the most? And why?
Richelle: I'd kind of like to sit down with Brayden and see just how many random topics I could get him to talk about... :)

@parejafeeh asks:
Is Dimitri's father a royal Moroi?if it is,can u tell us the family? I've always wanted to know!
Richelle: Dimitir's father is a secret that may come to light one day...

@DampiroseMorois asks:
Do you have a Rose inside you?
Richelle: I like to think we all have a Rose inside us. :)

‏@SydrianLove asks:
Would adrian ever get a tattoo?
Richelle: Not sure he's ready for the pain...

@KozlovskyBR asks:
Did you celebrate in any way "Vampire Academy" becoming a movie? or when we got the green light? :)
Richelle: My husband and I opened champagne when we got the green light. That's really when it became official.

@DhampirFever asks:
What scene are you most excited to see come to life?
Richelle: Any of them. :) I'm just excited to see the characters on film!

@DhampirLife asks:
How much of a say did you have in every character being casted?
Richelle: I didn't making any casting choices, but I love all of them and think they did a great job.

@BloodSistersUK asks:
Did you base the architecture of St. Vlad's or the Royal Court on anyplace in particular?
Richelle: I didn't! But I've heard they've found a pretty awesome site in the UK.

@ReadingGirl21 asks:
How old Adrian was when he lost his virginity? Please Richelle don't be mean.. lol
Richelle: Adrian's romantic past needs to stay shrouded in shadows. :)

@KateLovesNate1 asks:
In the cast there's someone with the name Ray but he is not in the books right? Who is he? A new character? Richelle: It’s Ralf. Just a small name change to make some things easier.

@angie_valo asks:
Hi!! From Venezuela! :D - Is there any chance for babies in Bloodlines? With Any character?
Richelle: There's a chance, but that's all I can say.

‏@Moonnii19 asks:
Whats your favorite VA quote?
Richelle: On the spot? Not sure I can say! But I love everything @MalachiWolfe says.

@VAaddict asks:
In Shadow Kiss who was the Strigoi that said "I know you" with the "shoulder-length blond hair" 1st supposed to be?
Richelle: No one you the reader should know. Just someone who'd run into her in the past.

@xoSMBxo asks:
What actress did you initially envision as Rose Hathaway?
Richelle: I never had anyone in mind. I've always just been waiting to see!

@LAizawa asks:
Theres always a mystery with your characters. Dimitri, Seth Eugenie It's possible for those mysteries to be revealed?
Richelle: I feel like most of the mysteries eventually get revealed. Certainly with Seth.

@canslerterri asks:
What will rose & Adrian talk about in Fiery Heart?
Richelle: They have a mission they're working on.

@SydrianLove asks:
What kind of music is Sydney into?
Richelle: She doesn't have much time for music, but Adrian listens to a lot of classic rock in The Fiery Heart.

@alinastarkov asks:
How many books will there be in Age of X series?
Richelle: I'll probably be able to tell you when I finish the second one.

@FanpireAcademy asks:
What was your favorite scene to write in #GameboardoftheGods? Is there a specific scene you cant wait for us to read?
Richelle: I'm really excited by the main characters' flashbacks. They figure so much into how they are the way they are now.

@StVladimir asks:
Did Dimitri started thinking about marriage when Mikhail and Sonya decided to get married?
Richelle: Dimitri's old-fashioned. As soon as he decided Rose was the one, he started thinking about that kind of thing.

@VAcademyRus asks:
What band or singer would you like to make a soundtrack for the movie?
Richelle: That's a great question, but I don't have an answer! I guess I'll have to be surprised.

@camisrolihlahla asks:
When and how did you had the idea to write Gameboard of the Gods?
Richelle: I had the idea 10 years ago, but I didn't start thinking more about it until after my son was born.
I spent a lot of late nights in a rocking chair with him and worked out the details then.

@DhampirFever asks:
What's your favorite show that you can watch over & over again?
Richelle: I can watch the BBC's Pride and Prejudice over and over.

@VAaddict asks:
Would you consider expanding the VA world further after Bloodlines?
Richelle: I've thought about it.

@Minamostaza asks:
Will there be more romance (aside from Sydrian) in TFH?
Richelle: Yes! :) There's a couple of them in Fiery Heart.

‏@ReadingGirl21 asks:
Was it fun to jump into a new "world" w/ Gameboard Of The Gods? I won a copy from DuttonBooks awesome story & JUSTIN♥
Richelle: It was super fun! Also hard. Very hard. Any new world is difficult, and this one's especially complex.

@elyespino asks:
How you feel about your books making it to movies? You expose this imagination to other kind of people?
Richelle: I'm excited to see director Mark Waters' interpretation. I think it'll be amazing, but the books are still my babies. :)

@raebae654 asks:
Do you plan on making another book series about vampires?
Richelle: I won't make a series about new vampires. If I do anything more, it'll continue the VA/Bloodlines world.

@TayRosemarie asks:
What inspired you to create a character like rose?
Richelle: I wanted someone the opposite of me...not afraid to jump into a fight and do rash things sometimes! :)

@Sailb0atScream asks:
Any advice for someone who wants be to a writer?
Richelle: Focus on writing about what your passionate about first. Don't stress if others will like it. Good luck!

@jus_t asks:
Can you tell me one thing that they change in #VaMovie?!
Richelle: Ralf is named Ray.

@silvanaareyes asks:
Will we see a royal wedding any time soon?
Richelle: There was a wedding in Indigo Spell. Isn't that enough for now? :)

@KateLovesNate1 asks:
is the script similiar to the book?
Richelle: Very similar. Not word for word (that's impossible), but I think fans will be pleased.

@VAcademyRus asks:
What do you think about Danila as an actor? Have you seen any of his works?
Richelle: I've only seen film clips and interviews, but from everything I see, he seems amazing. So happy he's part of the film.

@GreenBlaqShawol asks:
I want a AYE shirt,& know that means Alpha Yam Ergo,how I can write in Greek letters?Have any other meaning?
Richelle: You can get AYE shirts from @arcanevault. Only Alpha is Greek; Adrian made up the rest of them.

@camisrolihlahla asks:
why is kiyo a fox? I mean, why not another animal?
Richelle: He's part Japanese, and kitsunes are Japanese fox shapeshifting spirits.

@hollymiddlemis asks:
Did you enjoy school ? what was your favorite subject(s)?
Richelle: I liked high school okay, and I loved college. My fave subjects were always about history, mythology, and lit.

@Moonnii19 asks:
Will we see Abe in Fiery Heart?
Richelle: Yes, indeed!

@lunchan128 asks:
Will you ever write a book or a series about Thundro and Ivy?
Richelle: I would love to. It's just a matter of finding the time in my schedule!

@va_rosemarie asks:
How do you come up with the names for your characters?
Richelle: Mostly I skim through names in books or online until something feels right for a character.

@canslerterri asks:
Will any other characters from VA be in Fiery heart besides rose?
Richelle: Yes--Lissa, Christian, Dimitri, and others.

@VAaddict asks:
Did you have the Vampire Academy series planned out from the beginning?
Richelle: Yes, I knew how it would end...and about how sad Shadow Kiss would be!

@VAcademyRus asks:
What do you think about Russian language? Do you like the sound of it?
Richelle: I do. It's beautiful. My son was watching a kids Russian alphabet video yesterday...maybe he'll secretly learn it.

@SheecidL asks:
Which is your favorite book to read?
Richelle: One of my favorites is the Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

@KozlovskyBR asks:
What was the first thing on your mind when you saw that Danila was playing Dimitri?
Richelle: I was just happy. They'd shown me his portfolio earlier and said he was a favorite, so I was glad he got the part.

@Belikov4Roza asks:
VA filming starts in a few days :-) you excited?
Richelle: Very! They're all working so hard over there right now.

@Carol_TW asks:
I have a feeling Fiery Heart will be like Shadow Kiss.A crying festival. Am I right ?
Richelle: I don't know if it'll be a crying festival, but I think a lot of books will be thrown across the room.

@KateLovesNate1 asks:
after the Fiery Heart is there any other book in the series?
Richelle: There are six books total, so two more.

@jordyy0928 asks:
Is it significant that we don't see Sydney's tattoo on the cover of #FieryHeart ?
Richelle: No, they just photographed her from another angle. :)

FanpireAcademy asks:
How do you begin a new writing project. Do you begin by developing the characters or does the plot come to you first?
Richelle: Usually they happen together. When they don't, characters come first.

‏@beeswax84 asks:
You write about strong female leads/heroines, who is your female inspiration?
Richelle: I've got a lot of strong women in my family and grew up reading about others. They've just always been around. I'm lucky

@VAcademyRus asks:
Why did you make Dimitri Russian? Why not Spanish or German or Romanian?
Richelle: Most vampire stories we know in the US come from Russia/Romania, and I also knew a lot of Russian folklore.

@SucCubusN asks:
When we see Christian, Lissa, Rose and Dimitri again?
Richelle: In the Fiery Heart and the rest of the Bloodlines series.

@keily_gonzalez asks:
Do you plan on writing any other books based on the Moroi and dhampir world?
Richelle: There'll be six books total in the Bloodlines series, and then we'll see what happens after that.

@canslerterri asks:
Is Zoe going to be a serious problem in Fiery heart?
Richelle: She's living with Sydney, so yeah, it's going to get awkward...

@FanpireAcademy asks:
Who was your favorite character to develop in #GameboardoftheGods and why?
Richelle: My leads, Justin and Mae. They're so amazingly complex and flawed...yet ultimately good people.

@angie_valo asks:
Describe Dimka in one word and Adrian in one word? Also Rose and Sage?
Richelle: I can't think of them all on such short notice. :) Maybe Adrian's is Ivashkitastic.

@LaetiEnglandono asks:
Will we hear more about Micah in the future books?
Richelle: Yes, but he probably won't have a significant role.

@Lu_Soares asks:
Have you ever thought about write a story of how janine and abe met each other? Kisses from São Paulo.
Richelle: I have! Lots of people have asked, but I just don't have enough time right now. :)

@VAcademyRus asks:
Do you like Game of Thrones?
Richelle: Yes. I read the books years ago and love them.

@VAFanPage asks:
When you wrote the books did you expect them to be such a success and become a movie?
Richelle: was definitely a surprise.

@VA_IndiaNews asks:
Did your book get accepted at once?
Richelle: Not at once, but they did sell fairly quickly. I still had rejections, though.

@va_rosemarie asks:
How is this year treating you so far?
Richelle: It's busy and exciting...and wonderful.

@alinastarkov asks:
We kinda missed Abe,Will he make a cameo appearance again?
Richelle: He'll be in Fiery Heart and probably the rest of the Bloodlines series.

@xoSMBxo asks:
do you ever think you will write in Dimitri's POV like Stephanie Meyer did for Edward in Midnight Sun?
Richelle: I don't think so. Dimitri's mysterious. If I let you into his head, it'd ruin the charm. :)

@Moonnii19 asks:
Which one was the hardest to write, FieryHeart or ShadowKiss?
Richelle: Shadow Kiss b/c I was stuck on a subplot. I didn't have any problems writing the big emotional stuff, though.

@AlwaysInfin1ty asks:
I know you have two series you're busy writing now, but do have any new story ideas for a new series/ novel?
Richelle: Always. I just store them in mind until I get a chance to write them.

@_lady22 asks:
we can hope a future for jill and eddie? I mean, like a romantic couple?
Richelle: They keep trying...but they have a lot of obstacles.

@grigorisemcueca asks:
What made you start writing??
Richelle: I grew up always reading stories and eventually just wanted to make my own.

@oliversdomi asks:
Is Sydney going to show to her sister that alquemists are not that 'good'?
Richelle: Sydney definitely has some plans in mind for Zoe.

@LalaLandVA asks:
Will you be doing panels and interviews with Zoey and Danila when the movie comes out?
Richelle: Not sure. It all depends on the scheduling.

@OzleemOzsoy asks:
Did Sonya really tought that Sydney&Adrian were off doing romantic things in the wedding?
Richelle: Sonya knows something strange is going on, but she's not sure what yet. #AskMead

@MalachiWolfe asks:
If you didn't get thrown in Twitter Jail, then you weren't trying hard enough. #AskMead
Richelle: Quiet, you.
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