Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Reminder - Twitter Chat Tomorrow!

Just wanted to post a quick reminder that I'll be doing a Twitter chat tomorrow at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern for about 45 minutes (unless Twitter cuts me off first). Here's a couple of things to know.

1. Address your questions to me @RichelleMead and be sure to tag them #askMead. Then, if you want to follow along with other questions and answers, just keep clicking #askMead to see the whole conversation!

2. I don't start answering questions posted before then, so don't sweat if you think you need to get them in now. Hold off until the start time, and use this time zone converter if you need to figure it out for where you live.

3. I usually get slammed with hundreds of questions and can't always get to all of them. If I see the same question asked a lot, I may start skipping them (once it's been answered) in order to get to some new and different questions out there. Also, if I've already answered a few questions for the same person, I may skip some of that person's others in order to give someone new a chance to be answered. Believe me, I'll type as fast as I can, but don't take offense if I don't get to yours.

4. If you post too many tweets on Twitter, they block you from tweeting for a while. It's called "Twitter Jail," and I usually end up in it before the time limit of a chat. So, if I abruptly stop answering questions and don't say goodbye, that's what happened to me. Follow @MalachiWolfe, and I'll tell him if I get put in Twitter Jail. Then, he'll tell you. Actually, just follow him anyway because he's awesome.

5. We're really excited about the release of Gameboard of the Gods, so if you've got those questions, bring 'em! But I'll happily answer about other books, the movie, etc. too. We'll post a transcript of it all for you to see afterward.

Talk to you guys tomorrow!
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