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Monday full o' news

There's all sorts of stuff going on right now, so sit back, and let's get started.

1. Early Copy of Gameboard of the Gods
I donated a signed, brand new, hardcover copy of Gameboard to a local Seattle group that's trying to raise money for a boys' field trip. They have the item listed on ebay, and you can bid on it if you're interested. Note that eBay automatically inserts a lot of generic book details, but the seller has the pertinent facts--it's hardcover and final, autographed, only ships to the US, and is not an ARC (despite eBay's picture). This is currently the only pre-release copy of Gameboard on eBay that I've endorsed, FYI. Please direct any other questions to the seller, as they are the ones handling the selling and shipping logistics. I just provided them with the book. :)

2. Twitter Chat!
We have another Twitter chat coming up this week on Thursday 3pm-3:45pm (or until I get thrown into Twitter jail for too many tweets). That's Pacific time here in Seattle, so convert your time zone here. Starting at 3 that day, you can direct questions to me @RichelleMead and tag them #AskMead. I'll respond to as many as I'm able to. Please be patient, as I usually get slammed with hundreds of questions. You can click #AskMead during the chat to see other questions and answers, and we'll post a transcript afterward. Should be good times!

3. New York City Signing
In addition to my appearance at the BEA convention in New York next week, I'll also have a Barnes and Noble event with other amazing authors that's open to the public. Those details are here.

4. VA Casting News
The principle roles in the VA movie have been cast! I don't know about you guys, but I kind of fan-girled when I saw Gabriel Byrne was chosen. I'll do a bigger movie post soon, but in the meantime, here's a handy chart from Penguin Books Australia to show you everyone. Note that Eddie is not going to be cast for this first movie since his part was pretty minimal in book one. It'd be hard to sell an amazing actor on having just one line in this first movie, but if Frostbite gets made (fingers crossed for success), there'll be tons of potential Eddies wanting that crazy awesome Strigoi plot line!

I'll close by saying that these are head shots of the actors from other projects, not them done up as the characters. Just wait until you see Zoey and Danila's hair now...

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