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Gameboard of the Gods, Excerpt #3

Sorry for the leave of absence, guys! I've been busy, busy these last few weeks working on The Fiery Heart and doing some fun book signings in the Midwest. But guess what? We are now LESS THAN A MONTH from the release of Gameboard of the Gods on June 4! If you're still trying to find out what that adult series is about, then check out all these posts I've done about it.

And if you do know what it's about and are anxiously awaiting Chapter 3, then rejoice! Because that excerpt is now here. And alas, it's the last one you'll be getting before the book comes out! But don't worry--we'll try to pass the time until then with some other good stuff, including a mess o' reviews from people who are super excited about this book.

Tags: age of x, gameboard of the gods
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