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Gameboard of the Gods Glossary + a roundup of other news

If you've been following along this week, you've been delving into all the Gameboard of the Gods background and character info that I've been doling out--and boy, is there a lot of it! I know it seems a little heavy compared to some of my other books, and I honestly think this comes from growing up with high fantasy and sci-fi novels. Those were what I read, and I always thought those were the kinds of books I'd be writing, so it was a surprise when I ended up with my lighter paranormals. But it's been a good surprise! I'm so happy I've got into the books I did because I love creating and writing them.

But Gameboard is a great project for me too because it lets me explore some new things. Because it does show echoes of that hardcore fantasy background I came from, there are a lot of terms that might be unfamiliar, so I whipped you up a handy online Gameboard of the Gods Glossary to give you a quick reference to what all these things mean. Now, of course, you're welcome to read through it now. But if it's daunting, hold off until you read the book or next week's excerpts!

And guess what else is coming next week? My tour dates for Gameboard of the Gods. I'll give you a heads-up that this is another small one, focused on the West Coast. But I will be visiting some areas I haven't been to in a while, so that'll be fun. We'll have info on that next week.

My last bit of news is that Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters has been greenlit! This is huge news, and I'm not sure how big people realized it is. Even when you cast a movie, until you get that green light (which is more than just a metaphor), things can still fall apart. But now we have the official go-ahead, and filming is scheduled to start at the end of May in the UK. This just got real, people! If you missed my post about the cast and script, check out this blog entry. It was written before the filming dates were confirmed, but the rest is pretty up-to-date.
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