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Indigo Spell news, including tour dates

We're going to kick off book club posts for The Golden Lily later today, but I wanted to pause and give you some updates on various things. The Indigo Spell is SO close you guys. SO CLOSE. I'm just as excited as you at this point. It'll be out February 12 in English speaking countries--less than a month! Eek.

Here, at last, is the much anticipated news about my tour dates. For various reasons, however, I'm not doing a major tour this time. For Indigo, I'll be staying very close to my home turf in the Pacific Northwest. I'm very sorry to my fans in other places, and we're hoping to get me on the road for visits elsewhere later this year. For now, though, I'll just be in Seattle and Portland. Here are the stats:

Wednesday, February 13 - Seattle - 7pm
University Bookstore
4326 University Way, Seattle, WA

Monday, February 18 - Portland - 7pm
Barnes & Noble, Clackamas Town Center Mall
12000 SE 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR

Saturday, March 9 - Lake Forest Park, WA - 6:30pm
Third Place Books
17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA

Full details are on my website, but the stores are using a ticket/bracelet system where you get a priority spot in line if you pre-order or buy The Indigo Spell from them. You can still bring in your own books and get them signed, though, so no worries there. Check my website and feel free to call them.

I'll do some giveaways at the signings, answer questions, read, and generally have an awesome time! So I hope you Northwesterners can make it. If you live in other places, you can still get autographed books! Check out this information if you'd like me to make a book out to you. It can be The Indigo Spell or any of my others. It's a virtual signing! The store will mail Indigo to you on release day, and they ship internationally.

In other news, I'll be having another Twitter chat this Thursday. The times are here. We only schedule a half-hour for these, so I'm sorry that I can't get to every question. I try hard and type really fast! I did about 70 out of 300 last time. If you didn't get yours in, try again. You can read the transcript here.

Finally, if you need an Indigo fix, make sure you watch the full run of teaser trailers. We're also starting to get in some early reviews! They're spoiler free, and we've got two so far: this one and this one.

Okay, I think that catches us up! We'll get back to book club later today.
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