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Book Club: Bloodlines 14

Book Club Disclaimer:
Spoilers ahead! I'm not recapping these chapters in Bloodlines and The Golden Lily, but I do refer to some things that happen in them. These posts are to give some commentary and behind-the-scenes info for people who want to read along (or re-read) with me or walk down memory lane. If you haven't read the books, you might have some surprises ruined. So maybe go grab a copy and read along as we count down to The Indigo Spell! :)

THESE POSTS ARE NOT ABOUT THE INDIGO SPELL! You're safe if you've read the first two books in the series.

Bloodlines, Chapter 14

Duh-duh-DUH! The bond is revealed. Poor Jill, trapped in Adrian Ivashkov’s head. And poor Jill, having been murdered. Honestly, I think the experience of having been brought back from the dead would seriously mess with a someone. Rose and Jill are remarkably well-adjusted when, really, I should be writing books about them in therapy. No one wants to read that, though.

And here’s Sydney, off to rescue Adrian “from himself.” What was Adrian doing with two girls in a beachside apartment? Well, that’s a mystery never to be revealed. Maybe they were just hanging out and talking. OR MAYBE NOT. I’m pretty sure your imaginations can come up with more sordid things than I could, and besides, this is a YA book.

Adrian and Sydney have some nice moments here and not just because of the funny lines. It’s a stepping stone in their relationship. You can be nice or mean to someone without much effort. But to reach a point where you can call someone out on some of their most intimate flaws is a much bigger thing. Sydney brings up the taboo topic of Adrian’s mom (which will also be addressed in The Fiery Heart), and he calls her out on blindly submitting to Keith (which is in turn linked to her blind devotion to the Alchemists). They’ve both tapped into some serious matters here, and that, as much physical attraction, builds a relationship.

We’re doing double duty for the weekend tomorrow: two chapters each day.
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