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If you were online for one brief hour a few weeks ago, you may have gotten in on a charity deal I ran, in which I matched Red Cross donations and also promised to send some goodies (a framed Indigo Spell proof page and a couple of bonus books) to donors as well. The offer is over, but the follow-up is still going on, largely due to some wacky website shenanigans that end up sending me 84 orders instead of the original 12 planned. But hey, it's all for a good cause, right?

Here's the status. They're currently being assembled and should ship at the end of this week or early next week. Thanks for your patients! This is a big process. Arcane Vault is boxing and shipping them, but all the rest is my doing. Those who ordered them will get a shipping notice from Arcane Vault/Lasermach when they go out. You'll have them in time for the holidays!

I spent a good part of my Thanksgiving weekend working on these and am still at it today. If you're wondering what it takes to assemble 84 charity packages, allow me to give you a tour of my exercise room. I mean, Craft Headquarters.


1. Assembled Proofs in Glitter Frames
These are proofs that have been personalized or just signed for people that requested glitter frames. They're all put into frames and paired with Eugenie comics (one of the bonus books).

2. Proofs and Comics
This is a stack of unsigned proof pages, waiting to be framed, along with unsigned comic books.

3. Signed Proofs and Inventory List
Here are proofs that have been signed, as well as the master order sheet that tells me who ordered what, whether it's personalized, and whether glitter was requested. About half the orders are glittered, which is very brave of people since I have no artistic training.

4. Workspace
Here's where I assemble the signed proofs into the frames and pair them with comics. It's also where I put glitter on the decorated frames. FYI - I'm now an expert in glitter glues, by the way. Do NOT buy the Martha Stewart kind. They're overpriced, not as sparkly as others, and don't go on as well--though they do have great colors. Stickies brand has great sparkle and good precision, but after a few uses, they get hard to squeeze (at least for those of us with tendinitis). The best are actually the Crayola kids kind. Lots of sparkle, easy to use, and a $5 bargain at Target. Now you know.

5. Signed Books
This is the other bonus being included in each package. They're just plain autographed and will be paired with frames and comics during the final shipping and packaging.

6. Trash
This is all the packaging from the frames and glitter that I need to pick up. Right now my cats like to play in it.

7. Plain Framed Proofs
These are proofs assembled and framed, paired with comics, that didn't have glitter requested. They're separate because they can be stacked in a different way from the glitter ones.

8. Frames
These are frames still sealed in plastic, waiting to be opened and checked over.

9. Glitter Drying Station
The glitter glue needs a few hours to dry, so here's where my creations go during that process. Although I sometimes use the same design, the color schemes vary, so no two frames are alike.

10. Ready Glitter Frames
These are dry and waiting for proofs and homes! That glitter is pretty hardcore once it dries, but I've still got them separated by paper towels to prevent any of it rubbing off.

Not shown is my TV, to the left. I've been watching old episodes of the X-Files while doing this because I have them more or less memorized and don't have to look up very much. Good times.

Back to work!
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