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Charity follow-up

So, if you were around earlier today, you saw my post go up that offered a very sweet deal of a matching donation, a framed Indigo Spell proof, and some mystery books if you donated $25 to the Red Cross through Arcane Vault. I mentioned in the post that we had a limited number of proofs. How many, you ask? Twelve.

Well, here's the thing. You guys made the website explode.

There was such a huge and overwhelming response that the website's shopping cart wasn't able to handle it all and processed many, many more than twelve orders before things shut down. Um, like, eighty or so more. Whoa. The folks at Arcane Vault and I have been huddled today trying to figure out how to handle this surprise. There was a fear we'd have to just issue refunds. In the end, however, two things became obvious:

1. The Red Cross getting all of those donations would be awesome
2. You guys are awesome for showing that much enthusiasm for the Red Cross and The Indigo Spell

So, it's official. If PayPal processed your payment, you are IN. We're going to make all of these orders happen. All the proofs, all the matching, all the books. The one issue to note is that I do not have eighty-something unique proof page copies to offer to the world. I have twelve, and we will have to use those twelve. That means, 5-6 other people may have a copy of the same page as you. If you're bummed at not having a unique one, you can get your money refunded, no problem at all, by emailing We're super sorry about this, but it can't be helped. I have lots of glitter and books but only a finite number of pages to reveal. If you donated multiple times, all the proofs in your order will be different (unless you ordered more than twelve).

In the meantime, please be patient with us while we deal with this surprise. We're going to do our best to make this happen efficiently! I don't even have enough frames at the moment to fulfill these orders. So, it looks like a shopping trip for me! I originally hoped to have the twelve knocked out in a week, but it may take up to a month to assemble these and ship them out (hopefully sooner, though). If your payment went through, you should've gotten email from PayPal (it may say the sale was to Lasermach, Arcane Vault's parent company) that contains your invoice/order number. That's verification that your order is confirmed. You will also get email when your goods ship, including the delivery tracking number. If you forgot to enter who you want your proof and books autographed to, you can send that information now to You can also email them if you forgot to ask for me to glitter up your frames. :) Include your order name and number.

Whew, what a crazy day! This was certainly unexpected, but I'm so excited at the amazing response we got. In the meantime, I ask two things. One: if you're a VA fan and haven't ever checked out Arcane Vault, please do so! They sell soooo much cool VA merchandise. Plus, they're a local family business that puts in so much work, and they're going to a huge amount of effort and cost to help me ship all these extra orders. The other thing I ask is that even if you missed getting a prize for it, consider donating to the Red Cross just for the good of it. Those that the Red Cross are helping on the East Coast and in other parts of the world will thank you.

And I thank you for all of your amazing support! We'll have more updates on these, including a video of me gluing glitter at our shipping party--because I'm still going to do all of that glitter MYSELF. :)
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