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Interview with Lili Peloquin, not-so-innocent author of The Innocents

It's Tuesday, release day again! Sadly, my next release Tuesday is still four months away, but don't worry: there are still lots of other great books coming out in the meantime. One of the perks of my job is that people are always telling me about cool new books and even giving them to me. So, I was super excited when my Vampire Academy/Bloodlines publisher, Razorbill, offered to send me one of their newest titles, The Innocents by Lili Peloquin. Maybe I'm biased, but I think they have awesome taste. Anyway, here's what's on its way to me. It was just released today:


This is a contemporary book--no magic here--but it's still sexy, mysterious, and surprising . It's about two sisters who move to a posh new town when their mother remarries, and they find themselves caught up in all sorts of dark intrigue, dangerous guys, and challenges to their own ideas of family. When I did some research on Lili Peloquin, one of the first things I discovered is that she has a big following for her live tweeting of Revenge. That's when I decided we need to just go straight to the source to find out about this book. In what I believe is the first interview I've ever done on my blog (that's not with myself), I got the lovely Lili to come by and give us a bigger scoop on the book and her choices in entertainment.

I already gave it a shot, but I know you can do a lot better. In your own words, give us the lowdown on what The Innocents is about.
My own words, Richelle? You’re not going to let me use a cheat sheet? Mean! Okay, I see The Innocents as a combination of a teen soap opera and a gothic mystery: Prep meets Twin Peaks with a little bit of Revenge thrown in. It has--or at least I hope it has!--a twisty-turny plot and a mood that smolders and an atmosphere of mystery that’s both stealthy and seductive. My intention is to leave the reader with an unsettled, spooked feeling.

Your two heroines, Alice and Charlie, have very distinctive personalities. Can you describe the sisters for us?
Alice is the more reserved sister. She’s quiet and bookish—an observer. She senses menace, senses sinister forces under the lush, glittering surface of Serenity Point, the town she and Charlie have just moved to with their mother and new stepfather, and the possibility simultaneously horrifies and excites her. She’s drawn to the hidden and the mysterious.
Charlie is a much less guarded personality. She likes fun and boys and trouble. She’s the Id to Alice’s Superego.

What's something you think readers are really going to love about this?
Well, it’s a book with two girls for protagonists, but I think my readers are going to flip the hardest for the boys of The Innocents. These boys are beautiful and these boys are tormented. There’s Tommy. He’s smart and athletic and handsome in this straightforward, clean-cut way. He’s the last person you’d expect to be prone to Byronic fits of brooding. He is, though. When Alice meets him, he’s in a bad way, psychologically speaking. He’s still in love with Camilla, his dead ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be the daughter of Alice and Charlie’s stepfather, Richard. And he’s still guilt-ridden over her suicide. But against her better judgment, Alice finds herself falling for him, hard and fast
Then there’s Jude. Jude’s gorgeous and Jude’s trouble. He’s been kicked out of school after school and has clear a substance abuse problem. But Charlie takes one look and decides that she’s got to have him, that he’s the one for her.

What's one of your favorite things about this book?
There’s a sex scene on a tennis court that I’m especially fond of.

I'll skip the favorite sports question then. What's one of your all-time favorite books?
Lolita. It has fancy prose and lurid subject matter. What could be better?

Biggest guilty pleasure reality show?
The Real Housewives franchise, for sure. Beverly Hills is my favorite. I’m upset, though, that Camilla Grammer’s taken a powder. She was fun, that one.

I don't watch Revenge. Pitch me on what I'm missing. :)
Oh, Richelle, lots. You’re missing lots! Good-looking people doing bad-to-the-bone things, sexual tension in places it has no business being, aging-but-still-beautiful actresses trying valiantly to emote through multiple injections of Botox. Oh, and these weird Chinese proverbs at the beginning of each episode that don’t have that much to do with what follows. It’s great all around!

Thanks, Lili! Whether you guys watch Revenge or not, you can catch up with Lili on Twitter and Facebook. Lili's also one of the Breathless Reads authors (along with my pal Morgan Rhodes, whom I'll get here one of these days) who may or may not be touring near a town near you at some point. And in the meantime, you can find The Innocents at favorite bookstores and online retailers. Enjoy!
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