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I go a long time between blog posts these days, but I try to make up for it with cool stuff. And there's definitely some awesome stuff here. First up, if you live in Salt Lake City or Las Vegas, guess what? I'll be signing in your cities on September 10 and 11, respectively. I'll be in those places as part of the Smart Chicks Kick It tour, as will a whole bunch of other authors. It's one stop shopping! The schedule is here, and even if you don't live in SLC or LV, you might get to see some other great authors if you live in Edmonton, Montreal, Dartmouth, or Philadelphia. There's a different mix of writers at each tour stop. Aside from Seattle's Northwest BookFest, these are the only two signings I'll be doing in 2012. The Indigo Spell tour will happen in February, but I have no info on locations right now.

And now brace yourselves...remember the Rose and Dimitri short story that everyone's been waiting for for so long? IT'S HERE. Well, in my time zone, it's still three hours away, but for almost everyone else, it's August 28: release day for Foretold. It's an anthology with a bunch of short stories by different authors. One of them is mine. It's called "Homecoming" and is about Rose and Dimitri in Russia.

Here's the pretty cover. When ordering or buying, make sure this is the cover and that you see Carrie Ryan as the editor. There are a couple of other paranormal books kicking around with the same name, and you want to make sure you get the right one! Another way to make sure is to check for the full title: Foretold: 14 Tales Of Prophecy And Prediction or the ISBN-10 # of 0385741294.


I'll do my best to answer some common questions about it.

Q: Is the story available on its own?
A: No, you have to buy the whole anthology.

Q: Will it be available in other countries?
A: Unfortunately, I don't know. I'm not familiar with how this publisher has handled that or what countries have purchased rights to publish the book. English speaking countries will probably have it, but I can't say for sure.

Q: Where can I get it in the US?
A: You can order it online from the usual big retailers: Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, etc. Local bookstores in your town should carry it too. If they don't, almost any bookstore should be able to order it for you and have it arrive at the store, so be sure to ask.

Q: Can I order signed copies through University Bookstore?
A: Yup, you sure can. Use the usual instructions on my website. The one tricky thing is that when searching for it on University Bookstore's site, search for Carrie Ryan as the author (she's the one who edited the anthology). Earlier, their website was showing Frostbite's cover with it, but as long as you see Carrie's name and the "14 Tales of Prophecy" part, you're all good. Remember to say in the "notes" in your order that you want it autographed by me. Also: I probably won't be in to sign orders until next week, so if you want it sooner, you might want to get it elsewhere.

Hope you guys enjoy it when you read it!
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