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Vancouver signing aka Life in a Northern Town

Last weekend, I headed north to one of my favorite countries, beautiful Canada. Canada is a lot like the US, except politer and with flashing green stoplights that I don't really understand.

The signing was cool for a number of reasons. One is that the staff at the Burnaby Chapters (outside of Vancouver) has unquestionably landed into the top three most efficient bookstores I've ever had the privilege of signing at. Another is that our event was broadcast live online, and you can watch my reading and Q&A here.

Also, we had a DJ.

Now you know it's a party. I started out reading my Malachi Wolfe scene, which--sadly--was probably the last time I'll do it. Good thing I've written another with him into The Indigo Spell for future signings.

We had a lovely turnout, the biggest on this tour, according to estimates. You can't really see it, but there's a big line of people extending into the book shelves.

Along with the DJ, there was a tattooist there who helped us kick it Alchemist style.

Some people, however, came with their own body art.

Here's a shot of the camera that did the online filming. Cool, eh?

Chapters kept me well-supplied with water and coconut mocha frappuccinos--the official drink of The Golden Lily tour. Sadly, that's probably the last one I'll have in a while since it's back to thrifty eating for me.

Good times all around! My friend Steve (who also took these pictures) was super nice and drove me to Vancouver because, much like Georgina in Succubus Heat, I'm convinced Canadian police are looking for American plates. Unlike her, I don't have the charm to get out of a ticket. The day wrapped up with a one-hour wait to get back through the US border. When the agent inquired about our visit, he then asked if I was "jumping on the vampire bandwagon." Ah, it's good to be home.
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