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The Golden Lily Tour: Days 4, 5, and 6!

Well, sorry I fell behind in blogging my tour. Usually I like to post pictures and recaps every night, but things got a little crazy this time. When we last left off, I'd had a really awesome event in Fort Lauderdale. I headed home to Seattle after that, to see my family and to do my hometown signing at University Bookstore. I had high expectations for the weekend, hoping I'd get a little relaxation and could bring my husband and son to my signing. What ended up happening was the stomach flu sweeping our family, followed by my poor little baby getting a small break in his arm when he tried to pull himself up (and didn't succeed so well). So, yeah, that kind of slowed me down with blogging.

Day 4: Seattle

In spite of the craziness, we still managed a pretty fun event at University Bookstore. They've supported me from the early days and always do a great job.

I saw some familiar faces and some new ones there, both of which make me so happy! We also had people who came from some incredible distances.

No event would be complete without me posing with Duane, the store's fantasy and sci-fi expert. We like doing these shots just to show the insane height difference.

I think the big surprise of the evening came when we had an engagement during the Q&A! A man proposed to his girlfriend right there in the audience--definitely a first for me and the bookstore! Here's Amber accepting the bling. Congrats, guys!

Day 5: Los Angeles

I won't lie. Leaving my family was pretty tough on Monday. The baby seemed to be handling his splint just fine, though, and my husband assured me they'd be okay. So, it was off to the City of Angels and the Santa Monica Barnes and Noble. Before the signing, I got to have dinner with two of my favorite author pals, Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures series) and Melissa de la Cruz (Blue Bloods).

Then, it was off to earn my keep! Here I am sharing my wit and wisdom, using so many hand gestures that I apparently couldn't keep my cardigan on.

This was a pretty hardcore signing too. It ran almost three hours! I don't mind because I get to just hang out and chat. You guys who wait there with all your books are the real heroes.

And check it out! Shirts. You know I love them. I'm also glad these two ladies are still able to get along, despite their differing philosophies.

Along with the shirts, we had a custom Golden Lily bag come through, with one of the book's swoony romantic quotes on it.


After all that California excitement, it was off to the Lone Star State and the beautiful city of Houston, which immediately tried to thwart my hair with its rain and humidity. Hang on to your cowboy hats because we have a lot of pics here, but then, I guess that's how Texas rolls.

The evening started off with my awesome Malachi Wolfe reading. The auditorium was dark, so I just took it on faith that there were actually people listening to me out there.

So, you can imagine my surprise when the lights came up, and I saw that there were a lot of people out there.

And then, it was time to sign!

So many great people came through! This group from Dean Middle School came with their librarian and brought me a really amazing VA scrapbook they'd made.

Another duo put together a pretty sweet poster of all my covers. I signed one for them, and they gifted me with another.

But I wasn't the only one to walk away with goodies. Here's a little something for my guardian son!

And yup, there were shirts. Adrian's starting to challenge Dimitri when it comes to reader love and affection.

This trio was much more open-minded with their vampire love. Fun fact: there are often multiple cameras taking pictures of groups, so it's hard to know where to look sometimes.

And wow! A Dorian-love shirt. This is not something I see very often at all.

And what I have NEVER seen is this totally awesome Mumm-Ra t-shirt, worn in honor of Seth Mortensen. I'm a fan of this because I love 80s t-shirts and because I firmly believe Mumm-Ra is the most terrifying cartoon villain ever created.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out in all cities in this tour! It's been a year and a half since I was out on the road, and you guys definitely reminded me of why I love meeting readers so much.

That wraps up the American part of the tour. I have one stop in Vancouver, BC this weekend, and that'll be the end of my travel for a while. That signing will be livestreamed, so if you want to virtually go to a signing, I'll give you the details on that soon.

Lastly, it happens every time--and has already happened. The day after I'm in a city, someone asks if I'm ever going to come to that city. It makes me sad. I do lots of reminders here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, but I know it's still easy to miss things! So, if you want to stay up to date, here's the link to my announcements mailing list on Google. I email about tours and new releases, so you can get the info delivered straight to your inbox!

Thanks again, guys!
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