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The Golden Lily Round-Up

Oh my gosh! The Golden Lily comes out June 12! I'm so excited. It's sneaked on to a few shelves already, and people are loving it, which makes me so, so happy. I don't want to disappoint you guys! So much is happening right now before the release that I wanted to quickly list everything for you in one handy place--including a new link to the first two chapters!!


What's The Golden Lily?
It's book #2 in the Bloodlines series, which is the spin-off to the Vampire Academy series. It features Adrian, Sydney, and Jill. If I ever decide to write about Rose again, things in the Bloodlines series will come into play. TGL comes out in English-speaking countries on June 12. BONUS: you can learn more and read the first two chapter here.

I'm Touring!
Check my tour schedule to see if I'll be in your town. I hope you'll come see me to get books signed, ask questions, and pose for some pictures. It'll be good times for all.

Ordering Autographed Books
University Bookstore's website is working again *most of the time*. The store apologizes profusely and is working hard to get it all running correctly. The last day to order signed copies of TGL and have them ship on June 12 is tomorrow, June 7. I explain the details about dates and how to search here on my website. (There's also a number to order over the phone there). And if you don't need an autographed copy, just hit up your local store!

Bloodlines #3
It's crazy, but I'm already working on the next book. The Official Bloodlines Facebook page is going to reveal the title of book #3 and its first paragraph if it can reach 25,000 likes. It's almost there! And, as a bonus, some Walmarts will have a special edition of TGL that includes the first chapter of book #3.

The Golden Lily Teaser Trailers
If you missed it, Penguin Australia has made some pretty sweet teasers featuring cool quotes from the book. They recently posted them all in one convenient place.

E-reader Postcards
I know sometimes it's hard for people with e-readers to go to book signings. People who own Kindles, Nooks, etc. are sad because they don't have a pretty book to sign or maybe I've already signed their case. Well, I made up some cool postcards that I'll sign just for you guys! Show me your e-reader at the signing, and I'll hook you up. And if you have "real" books and an e-reader both, that's cool too.

People are Talking...
And have left some awesome early reviews for The Golden Lily: here and here.

Live Feed
If you can't make my signings, my Vancouver one on June 23 will have a live feed of the event, so you can watch what it's like. More info on that as we get closer.

The World of Richelle Mead App
If you have the app for your iPad or iPhone, you'll be able to download an annotated copy of TGL on release day.

My Own Favorite Quotes
And finally, I've been posting my own favorite quotes from The Golden Lily. Here they are:

#1 - "Sydney, this is the kind of shirt that says, ‘You’re never getting in here.’”
#2 - "Sorry, ma'am. I’m already caught up in one epic battle of good vs. evil. I don’t need another."
#3 - "I felt the need to clarify we were there for the self defense class, in case he also taught about dog breeding or riding the high seas."
#4 - "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen walking this earth."

Did I mention this is getting real??
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