Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Clearing up the mail order books questions

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen this picture posted earlier today:


It's me, visiting my pals at University Book Store and signing a big batch of The Golden Lily mail orders so that they'll be ready to ship out on June 12. University Book Store is a local store that sells autographed copies of all my books, and many of you have heard me talk about them before. My visit to them today triggered a few questions from people, which then increased when the store's website had some hiccups. So, I figured I'd clear things up in a convenient Q&A format.

Why won't University Book Store's website let me search for titles?
If you're trying to search for titles on their site and keep getting kicked back to the main page, hang in there. This is the error that keeps happening, and they're trying to fix it. Give it a couple days, and it should be working again.

If you were signing today, does that mean it's too late to order The Golden Lily?
Nope. I was just saving us all some work by signing some early. The store would have a lot of work if they had to package them all up the night before release day! I'll be back again next week to sign another batch, so you have time to get in an order.

What's the last day to order and have The Golden Lily ship on release day?
The Golden Lily will ship on June 12. To guarantee your order goes out with that shipment, I'd have it in by June 7. A few might be able to get in after that, but I wouldn't risk it.

What happens if I miss the due date? Does that mean I can't get a signed copy?
Nope. It just means it won't ship out on June 12. The next batch will probably ship out after I get back from tour the following week and can get in to sign more copies.

I've never even heard of this signed book thing. What is it? Does the store ship internationally? Can I order other books?
There's all sorts of info about that here and here.

Hope that helps!
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