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Back on the Chicago

Plans for The Golden Lily tour in June are still being finalized, but this coming weekend will be my first "warm-up" trip since having the baby. It's only three days, but I'm still pretty anxious about leaving him. I know I'll miss him a lot, but hopefully seeing a bunch of awesome readers will help distract me!

Here's the scoop. I'll be attending the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Chicago from April 13-14. The full con is five days long, and if you're attending the whole thing, you can learn all about different genres, meet authors and agents, go to fun parties, and get some writing tips. The conference's official website is here, and it will give you the full itinerary and registration costs. On Friday, I'll be part of two panels: "Kick-Ass Characters that Make Us Cry & Keep Us Coming Back For More" and "Seven Minutes in Urban Fantasy Heaven." On Saturday, I'll be part of "Feeding the Fire: Conflict and Action in YA Novels."

Now, if the cost and time commitment are too much for you, here's another option. You can just come for Saturday's Teen Day, which means you get to go to a giant book fair (more on that later), attend YA specific workshops, and then go to a party with over 60 YA authors and cool book bag giveaways (some of which will include early copies of The Golden Lily!). The cost is a low $25 for the whole day and will admit one young adult (up to age 20) and one adult chaperone. So if you're a young adult, head on over. If you're an adult, grab a teen (not in a creepy way) and head on over. Teen Day details are here.

Now, if you don't have a teen handy or can't spend the whole day, here's the last option. You can just come for the Giant Book Fair, which is on Saturday from 11am-3pm. Admission is $5, but there are literally hundreds of authors there, writing in all sorts of ages and genres, waiting to sign your books and take pictures. You don't have to attend the con; just drop on in. It's open to the public, adults and young adults alike! You can buy books there or bring your own. Last year, I seriously saw people bringing suitcases full. This is a really amazing chance to meet a ton of your favorite authors. I'll be there, ready with my sharpie! I'm hoping to be able to take pictures and have a big book limit. My usual is three books (any of them) per person, with one personalized and two just signed. I'm hoping to up that to four or five, but it'll depend on the turnout. And since that's per person, feel free to make your mom or best friend carry some of your books. Here are the details and full author list for the book fair.

Whew, lots going on! If you're in the Chicago area or somewhere you can drive there from, I hope you'll come by, at least for the book fair. I'm super excited to see readers again and hope we can kick off my first trip with a big turn-out! Stop by, get some books signed, ask questions, and all that good stuff. All of this is going down at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont, right by O'Hare. I say this all the time, but it's true: very often, after I visit a city, someone says, "When are you going to visit [the city I just visited]?" Chicagoland, don't miss out!

For those waiting on The Golden Lily tour, that news will be out in the next couple of months. Keep checking back here or sign up for my announcements list to receive updates right in your inbox.

See you soon, Chicago!
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