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Inspiration and stuff

People often ask me the Seth Mortensen question: "Where do you get your ideas from?" And I usually say, "From life." I then try to explain how everything we go through, whether it's monumental (love, despair) or tiny and silly (people watching at a coffee shop), it can all provide ideas to go into a book.

Here's an example of the "tiny" category, from a conversation my husband and I had last night:

Husband: They gave us dinner at work tonight. But I didn't stay for dessert.
Me: What was for dessert?
Husband: I don't know. I didn't see it all. There were some pies.
Me: Pies and other stuff?
Husband: Yeah. Pies and stuff.
Me: That'd be a good name for a store.
Husband: Pies and Stuff? What would they sell?
Me: Stuff.
Husband: And pies?
Me: Yeah. Pies and Stuff. I should work that into a book.
Husband: You should.

And there you have it, inspiration in the making! Guess where the Bloodlines gang will be eating soon?
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