Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

App release day!

It's here! The World of Richelle Mead is out today. Apple users can head on over to the Apple store and download it for free. Hope you enjoy it!

In concluding the app tour, we've saved one of the best features for last: the chance for you to connect with VA fans around the world.

There are all sorts of ways to participate. The community space has a poll feature where you can cast your vote on all kinds of pressing questions (Team Dimitri or Team Adrian, perhaps?), get the latest news for VA and Bloodlines, and pull up a map that shows you where people are reading the books in the app around the globe! You’ll also find links to some awesome VA and Bloodlines communities on Facebook, Ning and Twitter, and a share function that allows you to send info about the app to your friends.

In closing, here are a few apptastic links to get you going:

-A YouTube trailer for the app
-A Publishers Weekly article about the app
-App FAQ on the Bloodlines Facebook page

Thanks for hanging with me through the tour! I hope those who get it love it and that if it's not available for your device yet, it soon will be.
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