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App tour: characters

So, here we go with more info about the World of Richelle Mead app that's coming at the end of this week. Before I get on to one of the best parts, I wanted to answer a recurring question: right now, the app will only be available for Apple products, like the iPhone and iPad. It may eventually come out for other platforms, but I'm not sure of the when's or if's.

Getting on to our app of the coolest parts is the characters section. Each of the thirteen main characters of the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series are featured in a locket, with some pretty awesome pictures. Dimitri and Adrian fans will be pleased. :) (Though note, these are models cast for the app, not any movie!). You can click the locket to read the character's biographical information and quotes, or pull two lockets together until they light up to see the relationships between those two characters! If you try this and the lockets clang apart, don't worry--those characters don’t have a relationship, and you should try again with another pairing.

This is one of the biggest differences between the iPhone version of the app and the iPad version. The lockets would be very tiny on the iPhone, so we've created a more straightforward matching system (see below) for the iPhone version, but all the information is the same.

If you have any questions on the app, remember to refer to the FAQ on the Bloodlines Global Facebook page, or email Penguin at

More tomorrow!
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