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At last: my next adult series

With Dark Swan and Georgina coming to a close, many have asked if I'll be writing any other books for adults or just sticking to young adult.

Well, the answer was published today in PW's new deals section:

February 9, 2012
Fiction: Paranormal
NYT bestselling author Richelle Mead's GAMEBOARD OF THE GODS, the first novel in her new adult paranormal series, Age of X, featuring an unlikely pair charged with investigating mystical phenomena in a futuristic world that was nearly destroyed by religious extremists, to Brian Tart at Dutton, with Jessica Horvath editing, in a two-book deal, by Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (world).

It sounds a little heavy, but don't worry. It'll have a lot of the same wacky humor, romantic and mythological intrigue, and occasional cliffhanger that you've come to expect from Richelle Mead novels. I'm excited to write it. I'm not sure what genre to call it. The world has gone through its dystopian phase and is in a much prettier, more advanced era--one that fears religion or anything mystical. So, you can imagine the complications when weird and seemingly magical things start happening. My protagonists are awesome, but I can't say much more about them or the rest of the plot until we're much closer to its release. That'll be a while since I can't write as fast as I used to.

Perhaps the greatest challenge will be that I can't fall back on my old crutch of constantly referencing pop culture as part of my humor. I guess I'll have to find another way to be funny. Unless you think 1980s music will survive a hundred years into the future?
Tags: age of x, gameboard of the gods, news you can use
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