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Here comes the neighborhood

Before I begin this, I would like to state up front that I don't actively watch my neighbors. In fact, the window positioning in my house doesn't really even allow me to. So, all these hijinks I write about are the result of either what I see when I go to and from my car, or when the wackiness forces itself upon me in the form of crazy parties, police raids, etc.

And sometimes, stuff lands on my doorstep. Literally.

For moms who don't know this already, Amazon is a pretty sweet place to order large amounts of baby supplies. A couple Saturdays ago, I was expecting a big delivery of diapers. The doorbell rang while I was tending to the baby, and I couldn't get to the package right away. When I finally opened the door later, I found the expected package. And something more. Sitting on top of it was a plastic booster seat. I had not ordered a booster seat. It wasn't even like a misdelivery. It wasn't tagged or packaged. It looked it had come from someone's garage, as though someone had dug it out and put it on my doorstep on top of the box of diapers.

Who's giving me unsolicited baby gifts? While I comment on my neighbors a lot, I don't actually know any of them, except for the HOA guy who keeps watch on the neighborhood. He's not really the type to do this, and anyway, I'm not sure he knows I have a baby. My husband and I wondered if maybe someone else in the neighborhood saw us bringing the baby in or out one day and decided they'd "gift" us with their unwanted goods. The booster seat was even blue, intended for a boy.

We recently started using a baby monitor for my son's naps, and in keeping with my normal conspiracy theories, perhaps someone's been listening in and learned we have a baby. If the KGB were still next door, I'd say this is the obvious explanation. We're pretty careful about having conversations near it, but anyone monitoring that signal could still have deduced we have a baby by my son's crying.

In the meantime, we aren't sure what to do with the booster seat. He's not quite big enough for it, and anyway, we don't really want to use something that came from an unknown source. The obvious choice is to throw it away, but what if someone we know comes forward and says, "Oh, hey, did you get the booster seat I left on your doorstep without any identifying information?" That seems pretty unlikely, seeing as it hasn't happened yet. So, the booster seat is currently collecting dust in our garage while we figure out our next step. I'm not really a fan of creepy gifts, but I suppose if I had to choose between that or covert Cold War operations going on next door...well...hmm. Let me get back to you on that.
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