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Richelle, explain.

Warning: I'm going to talk about Shadow Heir. And while I won't be giving away any specific details, there may be some general spoilery stuff. So, perhaps you should avoid this post if you haven't read the book yet...but come back to it once you've finished SH.

Anyway, if you've read SH, you probably know that the ending resolves some things...but not others. Obviously, this troubles some people since there's a big, big question left open there. I had a couple of reasons for ending it it in that OMG way. One is that I kind of like leaving a little mystery at the end, kind of like in the 1980s Flash Gordon movie when Ming's ring starts glowing. (IS HE REALLY DEAD? IS HE COMING BACK?). I don't always want to have every single detail neat and tidy at the end of a series. It can feel a little too perfect. I like to think about things afterward and leave a few open doors. Many have asked if I have plans, on some far off day, to wrap up some of the remaining mysteries.

My answer? You never know. :)

In the meantime, thanks so much for everyone's support. I know a lot of people really dig the mystery there, and even those anxious for more books have been super supportive and know that I'm not trying to torment anyone. :) Feedback for the book overall has been really positive, and I'm super, super grateful for all the wonderful readers out there.

And if you haven't got your Eugenie fix yet, the first four issues of the Dark Swan comic have been released in a bound hardcover form. It's on Amazon and also available from BN and University Books. The artwork is so gorgeous, and if you've loved the series, you'll think this is amazing. Other issues will be coming out in the near future, so you can expect more beautiful things to come.

And if you need STILL MORE Eugenie, check out this app that Kensington made and find out which Dark Swan character you are!
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