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Want to win an early copy of Bloodlines?

What a silly question. Of course you do!

All the rules are posted over on the Bloodlines Contest page on Facebook in the "Info" section. It's pretty easy to enter, but make sure you read everything carefully. Also, if copying and pasting the contest email address doesn't work, try typing it out to enter. Lots of prizes are on the line, including Bloodlines, the VA graphic novel, and other autographed VA books. The contest is open to all countries. Good luck!

Note: you may have seen an earlier post about entering this contest by changing your Facebook picture and status. If you entered that way, please check the Info section again since the rules had to be changed. You'll need to enter in the new email way to be counted. You don't have to keep the VA profile pic up anymore, but you're certainly welcome to if you'd like to show your support! :)
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