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Oh, hey. Remember that Eugenie person?

With all the Bloodlines and Succubus Revealed excitement, let's not forget Eugenie and the Dark Swan series! Here are a couple of cool things going on with her today. Earlier this summer, Sea Lion Books (the Dark Swan comic publisher) ran a contest where one lucky person would get to be drawn into a comic. Well, the results are in, and the winner is Christina Marotti. Congratulations, Christina! You'll be making an artistic cameo in one of the issues later in the series. Good times. :)

In other Eugenie news, I figured I should get around to posting the US cover to Shadow Heir, the fourth Dark Swan novel, which is coming January 2012. This cover's already been floating around in some places, though I haven't posted it yet because 1) things have been crazy busy, and 2) it's early enough that there may still be some changes--particularly to her hair, which isn't quite as red as it needs to be here. But here's the current version. Enjoy!

Tags: book covers, dark swan, graphic novel
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