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Richelle, what will you do now?

Don't worry--despite the title, this isn't another Q&A with myself. A lot of people have been asking what I'm going to do with adult books now that the Georgina and Eugenie series are winding down. Georgina's last book, Succubus Revealed, will be out August 30. Eugenie's last book, Shadow Heir, (which is literally days from being finished), will be out in January 2012. Those keeping score have noticed that this not only leaves me with one series to work on but also only young adult stuff to work on. That brings us back to the big question: will I be working on any other adult books?

The short answer is yes--but let's back up first. Georgina and Eugenie are ending for a couple of reasons. Just like with Vampire Academy, I had those series planned out from the beginning and we're reaching their natural finishes. I'm not a fan of pushing a series into the ground and ending up with bad books. The other part of this is that I've had a pretty stressful writing schedule for the last four years. Writing three series was an awesome idea starting out because authors aren't guaranteed fame and fortune, and it's best to hedge your bets. Also, first books in new series can take a long time for publishers to put out. Succubus Blues took 1.5 years, VA 1 year, and Dark Swan 2 years! So it seems like you have all the time in the world initially. Once you fall into the rhythm of publishing, the time between when books are due shrinks. That's when things get crazy. By the end of this year, I'll have written 18 books in six years. Like I said: crazy.

So, this is definitely a good time to de-stress my schedule since there's a baby on the way. Trying to write three series with a baby means I'd end up with crap books for you and shoddy parenting for my child. I don't want any of that. Eugenie's series could have probably been extended to five books, but I didn't want to risk #4 coming out in January and then have something unexpected with the baby happen that might mean a 2-year gap for #5. So, Shadow Heir is actually a huge book that covers the material I would have put into two books and means you can have it all sooner.

Back to future adult books. I've often said there aren't many differences between adult and young adult books. And there aren't. But there are still some differences, and that's what makes writing for both age groups fun. I don't want to give up on adult books, and I actually have some ideas for a new series, which I'm kind of excited about. It won't be a spin-off to Eugenie or Georgina. I could come back to them someday, but we'd be talking years. The trick now is figuring out when I want to do my next adult book. No question: the baby will be my #1 priority in all things now. I don't want to promise a publisher a new exciting adult book I can't deliver nor do I want to start you guys on a new series and then leave you hanging. I won't have a lot of answers until the baby's here and I can see what life is like with him around. For all I know, the Bloodlines series alone will be overwhelming. Or I may be like, "Hey, let's start four more new series!" Okay, probably not that last one. A flexible schedule also means I can tour and keep up with fans in Internetland.

So, hang in there, fans of my adult stuff. I'm not trading it for picture books! :) I just want to be smart about the way I go about it. In a perfect world, it'd be great to kick of a new adult series late in 2012. But again, I can't assume anything. I'll definitely keep you posted on the fate of my adult books and let you know the news when I hear it. For now, I hope you'll enjoy Succubus Revealed and Shadow Heir when they come out and feel that they're the "right" ends to my girls' stories. SR's first chapter will go up at the end of this month, and maybe--just maybe--we'll do a contest for some SR advanced copies to celebrate SH's completion! Woo-hoo!
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