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Storm Born comic issue 2 is out today!

If you missed my last post, I just wanted to remind people that the mass market edition of Vampire Academy came out yesterday and the second issue of the Storm Born comic came out today. Busy week! I won't repeat all the details, but info on availability for both of those can be found here.

For now, as a treat for issue 2's release day, I have a five-page preview from the middle of the issue. The first image is posted here, and the links to the next four are down below. I don't have time to properly set all of these on their own pages with a "next" button, so you'll have to keep clicking back to this entry to see subsequent pages. You know how it works. Enjoy!

Go on to page 2
Go on to page 3
Go on to page 4
Go on to page 5
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