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Some covers for your Friday

I always build up copies of new international covers, and then when I'm short on blog material, it's pretty handy to scour my computer and see what I haven't posted yet. There's probably a few more, but these are four I know I haven't shown yet. Some have been making the rounds, so I figured I'd given the official nod on them:

UK cover of Bloodlines, release date August 23.

UK cover of Succubus Revealed, release date unknown but probably semi-near the U.S.'s (August 30)

German version of Succubus Revealed, to be released October 2011

And lastly, it looks like the French have gone back and changed the cover for Georgina #2 (Succubus on Top in the U.S., Succubus Nights in parts of Europe)

Tags: book covers, foreign rights
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