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Good Reads Awards

I'm usually good about shamelessly advertising awards, voting, and contests. This month has been crazy between the tour and the holidays, so I've nearly let these slip by. But, if you're interested, I'm nominated in six categories over at Goodreads, which is quite the honor! So, thank you very much to everyone.

If you're interested in voting in any of them, these are the links to the six categories:

* Spirit Bound nominated for Best Book of 2010 - Voting is here

* Last Sacrifice nominated for Best Yound Adult Fantasy - Voting is here

* Rose nominated for Favorite Heroine - Voting is here

* Dimitri nominated as Favorite Hero - Voting is here

* Succubus Shadows for Favorite Paranormal Fantasy - Voting is here

* ME for Good Reads Author! - Voting is here

There are lots of other good books and characters nominated, so if you're torn by another favorite, I totally understand. :) I just appreciate everyone's support and enthusiasm! Have fun!
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