Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Last stop of the Last Sacrifice Tour

It's a long-standing tradition that I always delay posting when I get back to Seattle. I don't do it on purpose, exactly. It's just that once I'm home and lose that "on the road" momentum, I tend to step away from the blog for a while. Since the tour ended in Seattle this time, putting off the return blog post also meant putting off blogging about my Seattle signing.

So, it looks like I have some catching-up to do.

University Bookstore always puts on a good time, and I can't express enough how awesome it was to have Seattle be the grand finale. I was able to just relax and have fun, knowing that I actually got to go home that night with no worries about packing for a morning flight.

Looks like my readers are getting younger and younger.

Or maybe he was just lured by the cupcakes.

That gentleman keeping watch over the table is the designer of all the tattoo marks from the books. Since they're based here, Arcane Vault was able to attend in person with all sorts of goods on sale.

Like this awesome shirt, which I'd never seen before. Love it.

AV also donated some shirts and other gear for prizes, and this lucky winner found himself the proud owner of a promise mark shirt.

And of course, we had a nice assortment of homemade shirts...

And now the tattoo symbols are going multicolored!

Spotted: authors Kat Richardson and Daniel Marks, as well as Samhain editor Heather Osborn--and it looks like one of them has spotted us too.

All in all, a pretty awesome event. Thank you to everyone who came out, as well as to the ever-amazing staff of University Bookstore. I'm sure I could have been much wittier in this post, but I'm still pretty tired from the trip. Besides, Bloodlines isn't going to write itself, so a lot of my mental energy is going there! Now that LS is out of the way, we can expect to see more updates, not just about Bloodlines but also future Georgina and Eugenie books.

Stay tuned! It's great to be home. :)
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