Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
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Salt Lake City photo journey

After my inability to get pictures in Dallas and Atlanta, I've more than made up for it with Salt Lake City. We had a really amazing turnout last night, with people coming not only from Utah, but also states like Idaho and Wyoming. Quite the crowd for an allegedly "small town" signing!

SLC didn't just bring T-shirts. They brought group T-shirts.

And yes, that is my face there you see on their shirts. I think that must be the true mark of success!

Loved these. The one on the left says, "I want the god," and the one on the right reads, "I want the man in my dreams."

Here are the backs of the shirts, along with a shot of me busily signing away.

These crack me up, though I'm not sure I should be encouraging Jailbait shirts! The black shirt says, "I'm Team Seth but Adrian can walk my dreams anytime!" The one in the middle reads, "Team Dhampir. Join us, we have Dimitri and we kidnapped Christian."

TEAM ABE! Quite possibly my favorite team. I'm going to have to see if Arcane Vault will make me one of these.

A neatly done quote shirt, with everything typed and legible!

Shirts are awesome, right? Well, hang on because you haven't seen anything yet. Someone put the VA logo on this baby's forehead! Ahhh! Cuteness overload!

I'm not gonna lie. I nearly passed out when I saw that baby. Her family was absolutely delightful and really hardcore vampire fans. In fact, I kid you not, this is a picture of their bus, and it reads VAMPIRE ACADEMY on the side.

The awesomeness just kept coming. I also got this fab drawing of Adrian from aspiring writer Sara, whose full name is blocked out here for privacy.

Things got kicked up the next level when I received one of my most astonishing gifts ever: Rose and Dimitri dolls. I originally thought they were voodoo dolls, which I suppose would've given me new and unusual ways to torment my characters.

And check it out. Action figure Rose has a garter with a silver stake under her dress. Glamorous AND functional!

A lot of people brought me coffee tonight, so it's fitting that I also received this Sydney tribute mug. This came courtesy of some devout readers who once flew from SLC to see me in Portland. Thankfully, I was a little more convenient for them this time.

So, wow. Thanks for an awesome event, Salt Lake. This was a great send-off for my last traveling tour stop. Tonight will find me back home in Seattle, for which I am very, very grateful. I'll be signing at 7pm at University Bookstore, and it's going to be a good time. It's funny, I'm asked all the time if my hand hurts from signing. Honestly? Not very often. It does hurt quite a bit right now, but it's actually more from traveling in general. Hauling my luggage every morning has re-awakened my tendon injury. But don't worry, Seattle. It aches, but I'm still ready to sign for you, and I already have an appointment with the hand therapists next week to start reparing me for the next tour. :)

Addendum: to the "My wife sent me" shirt couple, none of those pictures turned out. The camera setting was wrong. So sorry. :(
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