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A tale of two cities

Well, I finally got a chance to upload some pictures and do a blog entry that isn't from my phone! With the nature of these tours, my ability to blog is always dependent on both time to write a post and in getting my laptop online. That being said, I actually don't have many pictures today, even though I'm writing about two cities. That's the other thing about tours. I'm in no position to take pictures at my signings, so the pics I end up with depend on whether I can get a store staff member or my city guide to do it for me. Sometimes I can find someone, sometimes not.

Photographed or not, my signings in both Atlanta and Dallas were super fun. After a flight delay in Detroit, I was finally able to get to Atlanta bright and early on Monday morning. Imagine my surprise--after thinking I'd escaped the Arctic Midwest--to find that Atlanta had temps rivaling Detroit! At least there was no snow, but wow. Pretty cold. With the disrupted travel plans, I actually only had a hotel in Atlanta for 3 hours--just enough to catch a cat nap and clean up. Before heading out to my signing, however, I got to have lunch with fab author pal Stacia Kane, who was looking adorable as always.

My signing was over in Decatur, and along with T-shirts, there was also a sign used to very adamantly declare its owner's views of the series. Seeing signs in the audience is always fun, but it also makes me think I'm at a political rally sometimes.

I also saw an unusual tattoo placement. Typically, I see them on the back of the neck. This woman instead chose her ankle (ouch!) and paired the zvezda mark with a rose and chamomile. Chamomile is apparently the national flower of Russia, which I hadn't known. Pretty cool.

And that's it for Atlanta! See what I mean about the pics? I had a night flight to Dallas afterward, which is unusual, so we had to make sure the Atlanta signing line kept moving. Everyone was so cool about it, though, and I really loved all the people I met.

I checked into my Dallas hotel room around 1am and still managed a decent night's sleep. Really, on tours like this, my goals become very simple: 1) Make flights and signings on time 2) Eat at least two meals a day 3) Get at least 6 hours of sleep each night. If I achieve those, then things are going pretty well!

Sometimes, I get other bonuses. For example, in Dallas I also got to hang with some more amazing author friends. Seen here from left to right: Michele Bardsley, me, Jaye Wells, and Dakota Cassidy. Later, at my signing, author Vicki Pettersson also stopped by.

There are some who call it...Bling Academy.

Dallas had the honor of being my largest signing on this tour so far, taking about 3.5 hours from start to finish. Everyone there was super energized and upbeat, which helped make the time go fast. Along with the VA shirts, this signing is notable for showing some Georgina love too. For example, here's a couple of people dressed like Seth Mortensen. Love it.

There was also a Georgina quote shirt, highlighting a conversation between Georgina and Seth in Succubus Blues.

Ah, good times. Thank you so much to everyone who came out, near and far, to both of my signings. Thanks also to the great staff who helped make things run smoothly. In closing, here's a fun(?) story. When I checked into my Dallas hotel, I had this huge, really old room that was very nice but also a little eerie--maybe because of the age or just because it was so quiet. Anyway, I called my husband and jokingly told him the place was probably haunted. Well, guess what? I later found out that according to local legend, the hotel is haunted. Apparently, there's a story that a jilted bride committed suicide on the floor I was staying on and is sometimes seen and heard. This didn't make for a restful night's sleep during my second night there, but happily, I had no supernatural encounters. I'll leave those to my books, thank you.

And with that, I'm now getting ready for my Salt Lake City signing tonight. It'll be at the SLC Public Library downtown at 7pm. The event is being run by King's English Books, so call them with any questions. Tomorrow night will be my big homecoming signing in Seattle at University Bookstore. Details on both events, and signing guidelines, can be found under "Appearances" on my website.
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