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Town to town, up and down the dial...

Greetings from Ohio! Tonight finds me in beautiful Cincinnati, right near the Kentucky border. I flew in from Chicago this morning to do a radio interview and then later had a pretty awesome event over at Joseph-Beth Booksellers.

JB is an amazing store, and they did a really great job. Lots of people drove in from some surrounding states, like Kentucky and Illinois, as well as far-out places in Ohio. Along with new faces, there were also folks who had seen me at previous signings in Lexington and Columbus.

Carrying on Chicago's Midwest tradition, Cincinnati represented with T-shirts. We had the Dimitri fans...

...and the Adrian fans.

There were some quote shirts in the house too.

And we even started branching out into signs at this event.

One reader even came in wearing some VA handcrafted attire. Fashionable AND warm.

This is a fun region, and everyone was so nice that my Wolverine instincts were able to cope with all the Buckeye gear that abounded. I also like the Midwest because they know I don't have an accent.

It's hard to see, but this is a Georgina bag someone made for me with the cover of Succubus Shadows on it. Georgina doesn't have too much handmade merch out there, so it's always fun to see stuff like this.

So, thank you so much to Joseph-Beth and all the people (many of whom drove hours) to come see me! This was a super good time. Tomorrow, I'll be signing in St. Paul at--wait for it--the Mall of America! It's snowing there now, but I've been told it's "only" 6-8 inches and shouldn't affect travel. So, fingers crossed! See you soon, Minnesota.
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