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Well, the New York City pictures remain elusive. It turns out that they're just so giant, none of my hotels' wireless connections want to download them. So, we may just all wait and have them be a surprise when I'm home in Seattle.

Tonight, I was in the Windy City of Chicago, which--ironically--is the least windy place I've visited on tour so far. NYC and Philadelphia were not kind to my hair. After flying in this morning, I did some hardcore stock signing. This means you may find some signed copies of my books in the area, if you missed the big signing tonight. Places to check are Borders stores in Oakbrook, Oak Park, and Norridge, as well Anderson's in Naperville. We also visited a B&N not far from O'Hare, but I can't recall the specifics, except that it was really big. Oh, Rachael Ray's coming there, so it might be Oakbrook Center. Regardless, call these places if you're looking for a signed book.

You can also find extra signed copies at the Book Cellar, the hosting store for my event tonight. The signing was held at Northside College Prep, this really enormous and amazing high school. I signed in their auditorium:

The weather started to turn on us and kept some people from coming out tonight, but we still had a great crowd who braved the elements. I got to meet a lot of people from the Chicago area and neighboring states--and even some from North Carolina.

I also got to see a rare Georgina shirt! Check it out.

In a word: awesome.

Kind readers ensured I'd surive the weather by bringing me some sustenance. Nikki made sure I'd have caffeine tomorrow, and Kelly here brought me some classic Chicago sweets.

All in all, a great night! Thanks very much to those who braved the weather. It's still snowing, but I'm told it should all be fine tomorrow, which is good news since I'll be flying out to Cincinnati. Details about that, as usual, are on my website. Hope to see you Ohio-ans there at 7pm at Joseph-Beth.
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