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Today I continue my completely haphazard system of posting international book covers--which is to say, there is no system. I post them when I remember I've got a stash built up, and I always miss some that people have sent me. I've also got a bunch of actual copies in my warehouse (a.k.a. my guestroom) from different countries that I need to scan in. One of these days I'll get organized. For now, I'll just keep posting what's fresh on my computer:

First up, a very elegant Vampire Academy from Estonia:

Bulgaria's got Spirit Bound now, nearly catching them up with the English speaking countries and Germany.

Here are two entries from Turkey, the land of Abe's birth. First, Shadow Kiss:

And then a more demure Blood Promise:

Finally, big news for UK readers. The VA series is going to be re-released with this style of cover. You can't get the full effect from this image, but I'm told the new covers will be textured, which will make the design really stand out.

And for those who like moving pictures, you can see a video I did with the fabulous Charlaine Harris in San Diego over on Last Sacrifice's Amazon page. I always end up being very formal while filmed, and it really shows here. There were a lot of people watching us film this (plus, I mean, wow--Charlaine Harris!) that I especially felt I had to be very precise and proper. Nonetheless, it was super fun doing this with her, and I even talk about LS a little. Enjoy!
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