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Touring, statues, etc.

I don't know what's sadder: the fact that another week has passed since I blogged or that my first impulse to blog came when I saw a mother and children talk to the deer statue yesterday. If I keep this up, my bio is going to have to be changed to, "Author Richelle Mead enjoys reading, buying dresses, and blogging about lawn statuary."

I discovered a treasure trove of international covers on my laptop yesterday, so I'll at least put some of those up the next time I'm using it. Today, I'm at my desk and happily have some other news to share. The Last Sacrifice Tour is being finalized for December, and I'll have a list of cities and dates for you soon, once everything is official. In the meantime, my publisher is trying to choose between 5 cities for one of the stops and has decided to open it up to a vote. So, if you live in or near Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Atlanta, Los Angeles, or Cincinnati, you'll want to head here to vote and try and get your city on the tour.

Note: there are already other cities confirmed for the tour, so not seeing one up there doesn't mean it's not on the itinerary. Basically, there's one day still being determined, and those cities are the contenders for it. Whenever I post about travel, I always get a lot of "Can you come to [my city]?" questions. The best I can say is "I don't know" and point you toward the post explaining how my travel is arranged. In a perfect world, I could visit everyone, but that post kind of goes over the reality of it all. Hope it helps! Thanks so much for all the support and requests. It means a lot to me!
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