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Mile high times

Yikes. A week without blogging? Bad Richelle. Part of this is because Last Sacrifice copy edits (phase 5 of 6 in the writing/publishing process) landed on my plate. Copy edits generally don't involve major content changes, but it is my last chance to do any big tweaking, so I'm trying to go over the manuscript very carefully. After this comes proofs, in which really only super glaring errors can be changed (like if Rose suddenly starts getting called Violet or something).

I also flew to Denver this weekend for a gathering of my husband's family. He has nine siblings who have families of their own, so do some math and you end up with a lot of people in not a lot of space. Probably half of them were kids, and someone actually trusted me enough to hold their baby:

That picture is going to be proof of whether people read my posts here or not. Sometimes, I think folks are just skimming pictures, which means soon on the internet, there are going to be rumors that "Richelle Mead [had/adopted/stole] a baby."

I usually try to preserve some privacy for my family, so I'll keep the giant group pictures of the rest off of here. They were super fun, and my husband and I had a a great time, even though it was just a quick jaunt over to the Mile High City.

People who need no privacy preservation are my author pals and Denver locals, Mario Acevedo and Jeanne Stein.

My husband and I met them and Jeanne's husband for breakfast while we were in town, which resulted in more good times and a lot of writing shop talk. Mario and Jeanne both write vampire series for adults, so if you're looking for more reading material, definitely check them out.

While there, Mario also explained to us how all places in Denver can be located based on their distance from Shotgun Willie's. We thought it was kind of an extreme statement to make, except that it turns out we pretty much passed it every time we left our hotel to go hang with the family. Also turns out Shotgun Willie's is a strip club. Thanks, Mario, for that local insider knowledge.

That was my weekend, and now it's back to work to finish these copy edits before I leave town yet again, this time to the Levy trade show in Chicago. It's for bookseller/industry type people only, so no public appearances and just a quick, overnight trip. THEN, it looks like I get to stay in Seattle for a while, which'll be nice. Last Sacrifice and Iron Crowned will be put to bed to await printing, and it'll be time to work on Succubus Revealed and the first book of the new VA series. Both are going to be hard because one's ending a series and one's beginning a series. It's much easier to write a book in the middle of a series, where you have an established world and can just end on a cliffhanger. Oh how I love my cliffhangers.

In closing, here are some links of interest. Arcane Vault now has some pretty sweet Zvezda (battle mark) shirts officially up for sale. The VA Movie Facebook page also did a really good Q&A about movie news (like how there's no filming or casting at the moment) recently. It's in their 'Discussions' section, dated August 13. Finally, my home state represented and did a nice article about me in the Detroit Free Press, complete with quotes from my high school Spanish teacher!
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