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Signing, voting, and driving

Okay, before I forget, let me remind everyone that I'll be signing at the Beaverton Powells in Portland, OR on Monday (August 9) at 7pm. This is technically to celebrate the Succubus Blues re-release, but like always, you can have any Richelle Mead book signed. You can bring ones you already own, but if you plan on buying something new, try to hold off until you're at the store since that's a nice thing to do for them. My website lists the address and book limits, though if the crowd isn't big, we can tweak those.

AND, extra bonus: Arcane Vault is loading me up with some goodies to give away to everyone, so you can score some VA swag while there. If you're local to Portland, you've actually got a few authors coming through the Beaverton Powells. Kat Richardson is signing tonight at 7pm, and Lili Saintcrow will be there on August 19 at 7pm.

In other news that I keep forgetting, I'm nominated in a couple of contests/polls. One is for Favorite Vampire Author here.

The other is Indigo's Teen Read Awards, which has me in two categories. You can vote in each of them, if you're so inclined: Best Hottie and Best Series. I *thought* there was a write-in for the other categories, but maybe that time is gone. This is only open to Canadians (except for Quebec - what's up with that?), and you can win prizes for voting.

Okay, now it's Picture Time in today's post. I noticed some new covers over at First is Thorn Queen, and the French have again given Eugenie gorgeous eyes:

Next, looks like Vampire Academy is finally coming out in French! Yay! It's got an October release. Note: there's another French book with a title translating to Vampire Academy that isn't by me. It has cartoonish characters on the front that look eerily like mine. My French VA can be spotted because the cover is similar to the American one. Also, it has my name on it.

There are a lot of other international covers I keep forgetting to put up here and on my website, and many thanks to those who keep sending me them. Half the time I have copies...I've just been lazy about posting. I'll get around to them one of these days.

Last pic and bit of news: after three months of visiting every dealer in the Seattle area, I finally bought a new car. Parting with my faithful Ford Focus of ten years wasn't easy, but it was time to get better fuel efficiency and some navigation. I present: the Kia Soul.

I never thought I'd end up with a Kia, but I was sold on it for a couple reasons. One is that it's just so crazy looking. It's the kind of style you love or hate. The color is called "Alien." I was also really, really impressed with the dealership's customer service. That goes a long way for me, and a few other cars I liked were written off simply because of the service. Finally, I'm not saying the hamster commercials played a part in my decision...but I'm not saying they didn't either.
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