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Redesigned Succubus Blues is out today!

Just a quick note before I sprint out the door: the new, redesigned edition of Succubus Blues is out today (in the U.S.)! This isn't a new installment in the Georgina series (Succubus Revealed comes out autumn 2011). It's book #1 with a new cover and more compact size. Since it's mass market, it also has a lower price! So, now you can pick it up if you haven't read it yet...or get it and convert friends if you have read it. :)

Here's the shopping link for info about purchasing. You can naturally get it online from Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, or other big chains. If they don't have it in your local store, they can order it.

And, of course, University Bookstore can also ship it (or any other of my books) autographed. Instructions are on my shopping link above. Just note that if you want the new design, its price is around $7.99. The larger trade paperback (which is my avatar today) is around $15. So, make sure you're buying the edition you want!

In other release day news, Labyrinth--the next book in my friend Kat Richardson's Greywalker/Harper Blaine series--is out today!

Addendum: my friends Mark Henry and Nicole Peeler will be reading and signing at Third Place Books in Ravenna (not Lake Forest Park) on Wednesday, August 4, at 7pm. That's a double-act of wackiness, so come by if you can, Seattle peeps! They're good times.
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